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The Realm of Air is a vast sky filled with ever-changing masses of clouds which seem alive. The clouds are packed so tightly that they form a surface upon which one can walk. The weather in this Realm is as varied as the clouds. A constant wind gusts in the outer reaches while random storms move throughout. Moving from the outer edges towards the center of the Realm, the storms become darker and heavier until there is naught but the roaring of gale-force winds, blinding flashes of lightning and deafening claps of thunder. This is the mighty hurricane that twists and turns at the heart of the Realm. All varieties of avian creatures form the natives of this Realm. They make their homes in the cloud banks and spend much of their days in the sky in a constant patrol. Travel through this domain is difficult if one does not have the ability to fly. The cloud masses shift and change abruptly, leaving wide gaps that are impossible to jump. If travelers should miss a step, they would be caught up in the winds of the Realm and lost forever in the howling hurricane.
In the eye of the hurricane is a place of odd contrasts. A gleaming, white cloud palace stands alone in relative stillness with the softest of constant breezes drifting through the open archways and wide passages. Held aloft by pillars of swirling wind, streaked with silent lightning, Ilmaerie (ill-MY-rhee) Palace is the ruling seat where Paragon Elyssinu (EE-liss-in-nu) reigns over the Realm of Air.
Like her sister Paragon Undinae, Elyssinu can shift her appearance to any creature with the power of flight. She has a humanoid shape that she prefers, but it is said that she only uses this form in dealings with mortals. At such times, she appears as a stunningly beautiful and graceful woman dressed in gowns that are a bit too long. Her hair is long and pale blonde, almost white, and is left unbound to allow the tresses blow in the wind. Though no one has ever been brave enough to find out the truth, legend says that her gowns are left long because they hide the fact that, from the waist down, Elyssinu is not a woman at all. In the place of legs is a column of air - a human-sized cyclone that floats from place to place.

The Realm of Air