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The Exalted Tempest is a belief system of ever changing and often unpredictable activity. It is taught that with life comes change, sometimes on the back of a gentle breeze and sometimes in the midst of a raging storm. One can either float along with the wind like a fluttering leaf or one can stand against it and use the power of the storm to lift themselves above the mundane routines of everyday life. Devotees of Elyssinu are encouraged to step into the wind to let it guide them towards new experiences. Like the volatile nature of Air, often the winds of change can conflict with each other and cause a tumult of new sensations and emotions. The congregation is taught to experience these flashes of high emotion so that they may learn the full range of emotional capability.
The houses of worship for the Exalted Tempest are called Aeries and are almost always open air pavilion-like structures. The Aeries are named for the wind, such as the Twister Aerie in Bok’la high in the Garnet Mountains, or the Whirlwind Aerie on Lunea Majora. They are often made of a series of archways that are built in a circle. Sometimes there is a roof, but more often there is not or the roof is not a solid construction and instead a series of inner arches to allow full movement of the winds of Elyssinu. The archways are usually carved with various shapes of birds, leaves, and flowers. There are no set times for worship. Followers of the Exalted Tempest are encouraged to come to the temple whenever they need to feel closer to the winds of Elyssinu.
Initiates to the Exalted Tempest are referred to as Breaths. While leaves and blossoms and other such natural debris are not to be cleared from the Aerie floors as they are often gifts from Elyssinu to remind her followers that the wind may carry anyone to any place, Breaths are responsible for not only learning the ways of guided reflection, but also keeping dirt, dust and mud from the floors and pillars.
The priests of Elyssinu are called Gales and there are six Gales per Aerie. There is no ultimate leader of this particular religion as there is no set doctrine. The Embodiement of Elyssinu is chosen from the collective priests and initiates. It is said that the Embodiment is chosen by the breath of Elyssinu herself and upon being chosen travels to the ruins of the oldest Exalted Tempest Aerie found high in the Sunset Mountains to receive more formal training. The Embodiment serves until such time that he or she no longer feels Elyssinu’s breath on their skin. For some that may be for one gathering of the Convocation, but for others it may be close to a lifetime. The Gales provide advice which allows parishioners to lead themselves to where they feel called.
The symbol for Exalted Tempest is an upward triangle with a line through it. Th is symbol is worn on the clothing or in the hair of the devotees that follow this religion.

The Exalted Tempest

Religion of Air

“Elyssinu is the wind that guides me and the storm that transcends me.”