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In the beginning, Valara was an empty, desolate husk. The Paragons gave of themselves to change this Realm into a living, breathing and ever-changing elemental utopia. Water flowed, plants flourished, magma boiled, and the sky cried out in strikes of victory. Valara had been born and she was young and beautiful. A guardian was chosen from the ranks of the elementals and given the powers of each to continue the paragons’ labors. Known as Anima the Creator, this guardian helped to shape Valara.
Over time Valara birthed children to roam her lands and swim in her oceans. The first of these creatures were small in form, but great in number. Centuries passed and Anima grew lonely. Though an eternal bond was shared with Valara herself, the guardian yearned for something more. Using the gifts bestowed by the Paragons, Anima shaped and sculpted raw materials collected from Valara and gave life to creatures who shared a similar form to the elemental Paragons, thus creating the races of Valara.
The religion of Anima is often a solitary practice for those that hold the Creator deity in highest regard. There is no temple, no set time of worship, no congregation and no clergy. Devotees of Anima find their peace and their purpose by communing in their own way with the life that the guardian has created. Above all else, it is believed that all things have purpose, all life is precious and the cycle of Valara must be maintained.
The Embodiment of Valara, and by extension Anima, is the White Tree.
The symbol for Anima is a circle with curved lines in it. This symbol is worn in numerous places on devotees who follow this religion.


Religion of the Creator Deity

“Creator. Protector. Mother. Anima.”