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Caer Rathúnas


Under the southern range of the Lunar mountains and within the swampland at the start of the Silver River.

Caer Rathúnas gets its name from the castle which is its namesake. However, the common folk live in the small farming and mining town at the base of the hill it is built upon, with rice, fish,and  a great deal of spices growing in the land, as well as salt mined out from under them. The town is much newer than the keep, having only been built 400 years ago.

Caer Rathúnas has traded hands so many times over hundreds of years that it is unknown who first built the stronghold. Its walls are built from strong obsidian and it stands like a black fang striking out of Valara.


Over the last 200 years however the the people of Caer Rathúnas have lived under the rulership of the High Lord, the most recent hand to take the keep by force. There are rumors that speak of things that go bump in the night, and things lurking in the dark places.


Dozens of conflicts have taken place in the keep’s history, exemplified by the abandoned outposts and makeshift graves that dot the area.

Notable Events


The High Lord has opened his gates to trade, welcoming adventurers and tradesmen alike.

Recently, the High Lord has annexed the ruins Copper Falls to turn it into a port.


Just over 1000 people with a 40% Briarfolk and another 10% Feralkyn live in the region, the rest being made up by humans. The town itself, though, seems to be quite large, capable of housing many more, if only the buildings were repaired.



The town is made up of crafters, laborers, bakers, and farmers. Through trade, they keep what little food they can on the table.  What farming that is done is mostly rice, mushrooms, and spices. These are a loyal yet broken people that are clinging to the hope that something or someone will change Caer Rathúnas and return it to the tales of old where it was a safe and prosperous region.

Religions Practiced


No religions are worshipped openly, though there are rumors of shrines in the swamps. There are also tales of practitioners who hide from the Watchers, clinging to religion as a hope for a better day.


Currently the only government is run by the High Lord of Caer Rathunas.  To enforce his will, he uses his guards as well as his elite group named The Watchers.

Local Laws


  1. No paragon may be openly worshipped.

  2. The first born son of every family must be handed over to the lord for his army.

  3. All orders from the Watchers must be obeyed to the letter.

  4. No one may assault the Watchers or guards.

  5. Murder of any official to the High Lord is punishable by immediate death till resurrection.

  6. COMET officials must be immediately reported, and are not permitted in the town.

  7. All Barriers, Ethereal Locks, Phantasmal Locks are illegal.

  8. Any uses of shadow skills are not permitted within town limits.

  9. All outsiders must register with the guards upon entry to Caer Rathúnas.

  10. All crafters must keep a ledger and pay tax to the High Lord (40% of profits).

  11. Any theft or destruction of the High Lord’s property will be punished.


(Note: These are laws placed by the High Lord himself and are enforced by his guards and the Watchers. However, many citizens would whisper that as long as you are not caught, you may be safe.)



If you are found guilty of breaking any of the High Lord’s laws by his Watchers then you are to be chained in a Caer Rathúnas dungeon to await judgement by the High Lord or someone appointed by him.  Most are hung until resurrection as punishment, or forced into work camps.



The keep houses a small army as well as the military police called the “Watchers.” They are made up of the strongest and most loyal soldiers, mostly ogrekin, that serve the High Lord. They are known to be ruthless with little regard for the wellbeing of the citizens.



40% of every cap made by a citizen is going to the Lord for his army and, of course, your safety.

Caer Rathúnas

Head of Plot: Corwin Arvin