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The Council of Magical Education and Training, or C.O.M.E.T., is an organization recognized around Valara for the regulation, training, and oversight of all magical usage.


C.O.M.E.T. has created institutions across the lands for training and basic education of how to harness Mana, the natural flow of energy that surrounds and flows through Valara itself.


Formed during the Age of Regret, C.O.M.E.T. was originally an organization who attempted to advise the Anturi civilization on magical regulation. The Anturi ignored the warnings, and the Cataclysm became inevitable.

After the Cataclysm, the people of Valara understood the importance of controlling magical usage, and C O.M.E.T. rose in power and influence. The founding members of the organization had disagreements on how to enforce regulations and believed that certain types of magic had differing importance. Because of this, they split themselves into multiple Provinces, creating different sects of the group. After a few generations, smaller groups split from the Provinces and formed their own.


These original groups are now called the Elder Provinces, and generally have more influence and power than the smaller sects, or Scion Provinces.

Overseeing all Provinces is The Pinnacle. This group is made of members from all Provinces, and is responsible for creating the core regulations and spells for all of Valara. Their location is unknown, as they do not claim a particular territory.


Every Province has a C.O.M.E.T hub, called a Tower, which is normally hidden or well guarded within their Territory. Towers act as the central meeting point and home for C.O.M.E.T members when they are not working in the field. These Towers have adopted informal monikers over the centuries which extends to the C.O.M.E.T members of that area, rather than only being referred to by their Province name.


Members of C.O.M.E.T. are separated into three groups of expertise: Seekers, Inquisitors, and Professors.


Seekers, identified by their dual quill symbol, are responsible for identifying, studying, and recording any area or event of interest. They are normally the first ones sent to investigate rumors, and work closely with Inquisitors.


Inquisitors are represented by a closed fist, and are the enforcers of C.O.M.E.T. regulations and laws. They are dispatched to areas that are high threat, or that Seekers have previously researched and deemed necessary to control.


Professors are the educators and chroniclers of C.O.M.E.T. They are responsible for facilitating schools, rules, and documentation of information.

They are identified by the symbol of an open book on their badge.


While the specific ranks and duties of C.O.M.E.T. members is not public knowledge, it is known that those with stars on their badge are “field agents”, while those with solid stripes are enforcement and stay within their Province.


Through education and monitoring, C.O.M.E.T. hopes to discover more about the magic of Valara, as well as to prevent another Cataclysm. Safety is paramount, and the organization takes great care to keep unregulated magic to a minimum.


Below is a map of official C.O.M.E.T. Provinces. While members of the group may be seen outside of these territories, these are the official areas that these Provinces claim, and are recognized by local governments. While C.O.M.E.T. themselves do not act as a governing body, they do enforce regulations within their Provinces.

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The Pinnacle

Silver Comet without adornment

The Pinnacle is the “Grand Tower” of C.O.M.E.T. This Tower does not have a specific territory or Province, as it oversees all of C.O.M.E.T. and is composed of members from every Province. Voting on all matters magical, The Pinnacle determines regulations, Provinces, priorities, and broader perspective issues across Valara. It is unknown where The Pinnacle is located to those outside of the organization, as even a miniscule percentage of members within the group have travelled there. When on “Pinnacle Business”, members of a Province may travel freely and hold absolute authority in whatever Province they are in. This is a rare occasion, and has only been known to happen when Treason is in question, or flagrant misuse of power.


Elder Provinces


1 - Henniola (HEN-ee-OH-luh) - Goldenrod

Among the organization, the Tower of the Proud Pedagogue is the most widely known throughout Valara. Positioned south and west of the Lunar Mountains in Altour, the Henniola Province claims to be the original territory of C.O.M.E.T. They are known throughout Valara due to their specialty in creating curriculum and schools for C.O.M.E.T. They run most colleges and training programs throughout Valara, no matter the territory or Province. Henniola is a very welcoming province, though they do expect adherence to magic regulations. Henniola creates curriculum based on the wishes and decisions of the Pinnacle, and do not deviate.


2 - Axiora (ACKS-ee-oar-uh) - Sapphire Blue

Claiming the Varen Forest east of the Khowa River, the Tower of Remembrance is primarily Seekers and Professors. The Axiora Province are specialists in Anturi knowledge and acquisition of artifacts and knowledge from the Age of Regret and Age of Power. Their goal and focus is to prevent another catastrophe. Working closely with the Kingdom of Ironwall to prevent smuggling and sales of Anturi-related commodities, Axiora members have a strong presence in their Province, and are normally escorted by caravans of guards and scholars.


3 - Kla’roun (klah-ROON) - Scarlet Red

Also known as the Tower of the Astral Grasp, the Kla’roun Province of C.O.M.E.T. are Prime Magic specialists. Within their Province located on the southwest shore of the Sea of Vines, east of the River of Gold, Kla’roun study the Prime school of magic in all of its forms. While they do not shun the other schools in any way, they do not focus on them. Within their Province, all citizens and visitors are expected to use the designated incantations for spells, which are available for public knowledge at any outpost and town within the Province. Those who alter or ignore these incantations are fined and possibly jailed for disobedience.

  • Prime - “By the power of the Prime Planes I invoke a __”

  • Wild - “By the power of Valara, I manifest a __”

  • Essence - “By the power of Vitae, I conjure a __”


4 - Di’Celiost (deh-SELL-ee-ohst) - Rose Pink

The Tower of Immaculate Protectors, located east of the Caras Ocean, and west of the Garnet Mountains of Nurahln, are specialists in defensive magics of all schools. Known to be merciful, elegant, and caring, the Di’Celiost Province of C.O.M.E.T. roam their lands in patrols, keeping the peace. Not specializing in one School, Di’Celiost attempt to perfect defensive magic in all forms. Many are martially trained as well, and combine their trainings to be the shield of their Province.


5 - Ondi’nyr (OHN-deh-NEER) - Light Burgundy

Known for their hermit tendencies and kindness, the Tower of Soothing Solitude are specialists in Essence and Healing magics. They study the details of Vitae and its flow throughout Valara and Valara’s people. Members of the Ondi’nyr Province are militant when it comes to nature and protecting all things natural and alive. They enforce strict vegan diets within their Province, and have many regulations about hunting animals and deforestation. These rules do not apply to the people of their area, which is stationed in the eastern half of the Emerald Forest of Alberna, but they do try to spread their dogma to those they assist.


6 - Jian’Ord (jyahn-ORD) - Iron Gray

The Tower of Mystic Aspirants encompasses the Korr Grasslands, and the western half of the Varen Forest of Altour. Specialists in experimental rituals and the inherent nature of Mana itself, the Jian’Ord Province was not heard from for quite some time until recently. With the discovery of Fiendkyn, the Province has made themselves known, and are leading the charge in researching this new race of Valarans. Unlike other Provinces, Jian’Ord are very lax on regulations within their Province, to study the effects of more rampant use of magic. Their territory is more secluded than most, which allows this experimentation. Seen as an enigma within the C.O.M.E.T. organization, the Tower of Mystic Aspirants are making a name for themselves after years of virtual silence.


7 - Wyr’oida (weer-OY-duh) - Sky Blue

One of the largest Provinces, the Tower of Apparatus Augurs spreads south of the Jagdtooth Mountains, and north of the Kahs River. This Province is composed of experts of studying technology and traditions alike. These members of C.O.M.E.T. have travelled to other worlds using the portals that opened in the mist. Seeing the destruction that progress brings, this Province has dedicated itself to keeping tradition, and suppressing technology that could affect Valara’s current relative peace. Due to putting so much emphasis on tradition, Province Wyr’Oida is normally the Province that others try to persuade when making changes to C.O.M.E.T. regulations. They resist change, and want to see multiple pieces of evidence of the change being positive or inconsequential.


Scion Provinces


8 - Aurellion (uhr-ELLY-ahn) - Forest Green

East of Lunea Minora and south of the Iron Rivers of Altour, the Aurellion Province specialize in investigating unsanctioned magic. Known for producing a large number of Inquisitors for being one of the smallest Provinces, The Tower of Ensorcelled Vindication is quick to act with even a small rumor of dangerous magical practices. Training primarily as anti-mages, Aurellion have a reputation of zealotry for upholding C.O.M.E.T. regulations, and not allowing much wiggle room with how the rules are written.


9 - Inzillyr (innz-ill-EAR) - Ivory White

The Tower of Arcane Artisans, the Inzillyr Province of C.O.M.E.T. are specialists of magical crafting and enchanting. This Province is located north of the Gastholme Mountains and east of the Ghastly River of Survahl. Also known as the “Bank of C.O.M.E.T.”, Inzillyr works as a treasury and accountants for the other Provinces. While they provide food, resources, and building supplies for their entire Province, Inzillyr taxes their populace heavily, working as a collective. Inzillyr has been sieged in the past, and has somehow never been truly defeated or occupied. Through bribery, excellent defense, or private magics, it is unknown.


10 - Trovinius (tro-VINNY-us) - Royal Purple

Specialists in portal and travel magic, the Tower of the Drifters is rarely bristling with activity. Claiming the large island south of Felwater Swamp, the Trovinius Province is primarily composed of Seekers, who roam Valara doing their research and business primarily outside of their Province. Being a sparsely populated island, the Trovinius Province of C.O.M.E.T. does not have much need for enforcement, and are normally welcome within other Provinces as they do not meddle in the affairs of others.


11 - Usra’idion (oosrah-IDDY-ohn) - Pumpkin Orange

The Shrouded Tower claims the western half of the Emerald Forest of Alberna, north of the Pinral River. Specialists in research about The Veil and Outsiders, Usra’idion is a quiet Province. Relatively hands-off in their territory, Usra’idion is known for not having many issues with its populace, or when they do it usually resolves itself quickly and quietly. Throughout their tenure, there have been rumors of Faekyn being unwelcome or used for experiments. Usra’idion claims that this is not their doing. Since Fiendkyn have been revealed, Usra’idion has been spotted outside of their territory, questioning citizens of Valara and following migrations of Fiendkyn.


12 - Dittones (DEH-tones) - Mint Green

Specialists of Condition spells, the Tower of the Winding Path travel Valara as cartographers and C.O.M.E.T. mediators. Dittones work as local guides of the territory, and tend to be advisors for local governments. Normally welcome in other Provinces, Dittones are peaceful and love to travel. Their Province is located in the Sweetwater area, south of the Sunset Mountains.


13 - Geur’o’rueg (GYUR-oh-ROO-ig) - Rust Brown

The Tower of Equilibrium, in the Geur’o’rueg Province, are specialists in Wild Magic in all of its forms, and the Cycle of Vitae. Self proclaimed “extremists of balance”, C.O.M.E.T. members of the Province heavily enforce using elements in equal amounts when using Prime Magic, and will make sure to cast spells of opposing elements in the vicinity of those using Prime. Geur’o’rueg members also keep their members at equal numbers of all races. Normally a male and female of each race, or at least even numbers. The Tower is highly against Undead as a whole, and seek to destroy them wherever they are reported. They are located on the north eastern edge of the Aesner Desert.


14 - Ni’Dorn - (knee-DOORHN) - Pale Canary Yellow

Specializing in the research of Magical Beasts, and on the natural effects of magic, the Tower of Sorcerous Shepards is located southeast of Lunea Minora, north of the southern ridge of the mountain range. Known for their compassion and assistance to all within their Province, Ni’Dorn are normally the first to accept refugees and downtrodden. Ni’Dorn often have missions to the World’s Furnace, to study the volcano and its effects on Valara. Ni’Dorn also works to control the numbers of Magical Beasts within their Province, setting hunting laws and reservations within the forested territory.


15 - Zyndayl (zen-DALE) - Orchid Purple

Covering most of the Sudareth Continent, the Tower of Grave Guardians specializes in Undead magics and Resurrection studies. They revere Undead as an aspiration. Within the Zyndayl Province, members of the Tower study all deaths, and perform in depth autopsies when given permission. While they do not try to rush to death, Zyndayl members do not attempt to prevent it. Within their Province, these C.O.M.E.T. members do not make a large presence, but they do seem to know when things need interference and tend to show up unannounced and solemn.