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Customer Service

What are Player Representatives?

Player Reps serve as Castle's Customer Service Team. 


If you have a problem, or if you have an idea on how to improve the game, these guys can help you. 


If you have issues with NPCs, plot or staff members, other PCs, etc., and you don't feel comfortable addressing or confronting the matter head-on, you can reach out to the Player Reps. 

Don't understand the rules? These people have your back! All conversations with player reps are completely confidential.


Player reps also act as new player helpers, offering a point person for new people wishing to join the community. Need help finding costuming? Need help building your character? Need help figuring out what to do your first game? They're here for you!

 C.S. Director — Heather Badger Squillaragon 

Heather has been LARPing for roughly eight years. She started working in Customer Service after a tragic accident involving a bear and two fire trucks in 2013.


Her current position as Customer Service Director has come after years of training with a small, semi-fictional woman named Garhelga in the deep of the woods.


Heather can be reached at her Castle email hboggs@castlelarp.com or on Facebook.

 Player Rep — Corwin Arvin 

Corwin has been LARPing for several years in Castle and has clawed his way through the ranks to find himself as a Player Rep.

He has spent a lot of time as either a plot or staff member, and he prides himself on his dad jokes.


Corwin enjoys long walks on the beach, cheese crackers, and getting to know new players over a rousing conversation about which Vault had the best door design.


Corwin can be reached at his email carvin@castlelarp.com or by carrier pigeon.

 Player Rep — John Kale 

John Kale, the newest addition to the Customer Service team, cut his teeth on the great packet fiasco of 2016.


While newest to the group, he brings an excitement about finding balance for new players and old — much like a howler monkey hacking into a secured server using only a stick and some ants.


John enjoys almonds and can be reached at his email jkale@castlelarp.com or on Facebook.