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Public Relations

 Graphic Design: Sara Kuhl and Rochelle See 

These lovely ladies made our amazing new logo and are responsible for making new designs with their insanely creative minds. Hey, that rhymes!

 Marketing: Aaron Smith and Katie Jo Davis 

This team focuses on public outreach and is responsible for finding marketing opportunities to promote Castle such as: conventions, renaissance festivals and LARP Expos. Additionally, this team builds rapport with other local LARP communities to foster cross-LARP camaraderie!

 Social Media: Sara Elizabeth Kuhl 

As Social Media Manager, Sara is responsible for marketing and public relations via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the Website Blog and Youtube.

 Video Team: Adam Johnson, Travis Davis, Taylor Campbell and Rochelle See 

This team is responsible for creating quality Castle Videos including but not limited to:

weapon/packet construction, town intro videos, Castle hype videos, new player videos, marketing videos, etc.

Web/App Design: Katie Jo Davis 

Jo is responsible for all things website and app related. This includes updating content, posting events for pre-registration, and overall maintenance of the site and app. You are currently looking at her wonderful work! Amazing, right!?