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The Realm of Death is filled with a sea of dark sand sifting between large canyons. The massive desert contains a large pyramid shrouded in shadow. Small structures dot the land surrounding the pyramid that house inhabitants of the Realm. The sky is always in a state of dimming twilight and a thin layer of negative energy flows through the air. The pyramid has one entrance that masks the presence of a large and dangerous labyrinth. The maze leads to the heart of the pyramid, guarded by a large Minotaur shrouded in the essence of death.


Death is ruled by the Paragon Seneroth (SEN-er-roth), a tall, looming male with the mask of a jackal and a scythe unusable by any but himself. Beneath the mask, his eyes are like pools of black oil, but his face has the oddness of a lanky young man. His hair is black, his skin grey, and his mouth has the crook of one who may be preparing to smile, but whether in jest or kindness is unknown. If one has the opportunity to look closely, scars are present on much of Seneroth’s torso. These scars are rumored to link him to several particular individuals in his Realm. In their life, Seneroth warned these particular subjects that part of their body would at some point fail and keep them from protecting their loved ones. He offered them a choice to replace the part of them that would fail with his own, but in exchange for eternal service in his Realm. These individuals are known as The Body and serve to escort souls through their final journey. While Seneroth can maintain a watchful eye over his domain there are many that would threaten the process of purification.


Seneroth, as the Paragon of the Realm of Death, is often thought of as ruthless and cold. However while he can be lethal and swift when it comes to threats upon his Realm, he has an endless compassion that calms even the most frightened young soul. Those who avoid Seneroth in his Realm are the tricksters and connivers who think they can make it back to Valara. He allows them to skulk in the shadows because he knows they will return to him in the end.

The Realm of Death