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All discounts awarded to Players, NPCs, Staff, Plot, or Business Operations team members will be distributed in accordance with this policy. All discounts are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors. If a discount is added, removed, or modified the community will be notified by a member of the Board of Directors.


Castle Larp LLC has five types of discounts:


  1. New Player Referral

  2. NPC Ratio

  3. Military/Veterans

  4. Plot/Staff

  5. Business Operations


All discounts cannot be combined with any other monetary reward or discount offered by Castle Larp LLC, and are nontransferable.  The only exclusion is the military/veterans discount, which can be combined with other monetary rewards or discounts offered by Castle Larp LLC, and is nontransferrable.


The discounts available to all players are described as follows:


New Player Referral


Castle Larp is committed to providing the best possible experience for all of our players and is continually looking for opportunities to expand our community. As a symbol of gratitude to our current player base, Castle Larp is implementing a New Player Referral discount.


Individuals will be able to receive two free game days for each new player that they bring to a Castle Larp sponsored event. To receive the discount of two free game days, the following conditions must be met:


  • The “new player” cannot have a currently existing character sheet with Castle Larp, and has never attended a Castle Larp sponsored event.

  • A referring player cannot be a new player as described above.

  • The individual referring the new player must attend the new player’s first event.

  • The new player must PC at least two Castle Larp sponsored events. Upon completion of the second event, the referring player will be awarded two free game days.


Any individual can only benefit from this discount twice per calendar year. The two free game days received may be used at the same time, but cannot be combined with any other monetary reward or discount offered by Castle Larp LLC and are nontransferable.


NPC Ratio


Castle Larp is dedicated to appreciating and rewarding individuals that donate their time, energy, and enthusiasm to serve as NPCs for our events. We realize that without NPCs, we would be unable to run events for our community. In appreciation of our NPCS we have implemented an NPC Ratio discount.


Individuals will receive a five-dollar discount per game day for every Castle sponsored event they attend the following calendar year. To receive this discount, one of the following conditions must be met:


  • The individual must NPC an entire three-day Castle sponsored event

  • The individual must NPC two entire two-day Castle sponsored events


Individuals will receive the discount for following calendar year in which they met the above requirement(s).


For example, if an individual NPCs two, two-day events (Stone Dragon Ridge and Kings Hollow) during 2018, and NPCs the entire duration of both events, the individual will receive the NPC Ratio discount of five dollars off per game day for every event they attend in 2019. To receive the NPC Ratio for 2020, the individual must meet the above criteria for 2019 as well.


This discount cannot be combined with any other monetary reward or discount offered by Castle Larp LLC and is nontransferable.



Castle Larp proudly supports those that serve in our military. All former and active military members receive a 10% discount off all Castle Larp sponsored events.


This discount can be combined with other monetary discounts offered by Castle Larp LLC, but is nontransferrable.

In order to redeem this discount, please contact Logistics at Adam@castlelarp.com and provide a valid Military ID or other proof of service the first time you use the discount. If you are using this discount with another, please select the larger discount as the primary code, and email Adam@castlelarp.com to have the difference refunded back to you ether before or after registration.


Thank you for serving our country!

Coupon Codes

Below is a list of coupon codes that can be used when registering for an event. 

When filling in the requested information during registration, locate the "Enter Coupon Code" link and type in the coupon code you wish to use. The discount will be immediately applied to the ticket. Only one coupon code can be used per ticket, unless otherwise stated above.