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© 2018 Castle LARP


Castle Larp LLC is dedicated to providing safe and enjoyable live action theatrical/role-play events in all realms of game mechanics, customer service, and storytelling.

It is through the outpouring support of our members that we are able to make this possible. For this we are incredibly grateful – now and as we continue to move forward.

This page is a resource for our players to support Castle Larp by fulfilling donation requests. All players that donate requested items/props will be awarded Castle Coin. Your Plot Teams and Castle Leadership thank you in advance!


There are a few different options to donate:

High Priority Items:  These are items that are always in high demand and Castle Larp will accept at any time. Please coordinate with Logistics, Adam@castlelarp.com, on how many high priority items you wish to donate.

Perishable Items:  These are items that are needed at every event, but in limited quantities. These items will be posted before each event, and are first-come, first-serve. Please coordinate with Logistics, Adam@castlelarp.com, on how many perishable items you wish to donate.

Plot Team/Playable Towns – Amazon Wish Lists:  Each Castle Larp LLC Plot Team has created an Amazon Wish List of items that will help improve the overall quality of their events.

High Priority Items

Castle Coin Amount - 3 per packet

Not sure how to make the requested items? Click on the links below for quick video tutorials on the Castle Larp Youtube page!


How to Make a Packet 

How to Make Boffer Weapons 

Perishable Items

Water! - 100 Castle Coin Per Flat

Requesting 10 packs or more

Gatorade - 150 Castle Coin Per 24 Pack   

ANY color will be appreciated!

Click on the link below to donate to your desired Plot Team/Town:

If you choose to buy a listed item from a different vendor, please email Logistics, Adam@castlelarp.com, so we can update the list and remove the purchased item.

Plot Team/Playable Towns – Amazon Wish Lists