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The Realm of Stone appears as an enormous underground cavern with tunnels beyond counting which seem to go on without end. The ceiling is lost in the darkness above, but light radiates from gems permanently implanted in the rock walls. Small bodies of water are found throughout the caverns and streams flow through cracks and crevices in the stone, leaving the rocky walls damp. Few plants grow in the dark so the cavern is barren of greenery except for a small whitish colored fern that requires little light, and a pungent smelling fungus that produces a faint glow when handled. Native creatures of this Realm take either the forms of man-shaped, rock-like beings or Valaran cave dwellers. These denizens live in the tunnels that twist and turn throughout the entire Realm.
Many of the winding passages lead deep into the center of the Realm and open onto a vast grotto full of magnificent rock formations and sparkling gems. In the middle, surrounded by a gently flowing stream, sits a massive geode formed from quartz and agate. This geode is protected by two guardians composed of granite and covered with colored diamonds that reinforce their densely made bodies. Within this geode, known as Slieganach (SHLEE-gah-naiche) Crag, resides the Paragon of Stone, Cragmathe (CRAG-muh-thuh).
Interlopers who trespass in this Realm will be crushed under the weight of the rock and the depth at which the Realm resides.
Cragmathe appears as a great, hulking tortoise made of black marble veined in deep brown with a shell of perfectly faceted emerald. He is wise in his rule of the Realm, just and yet firm. He is patient, but unyielding, and has the power to bring down mountains should his authority be threatened. Unlike Undinae of the Realm of Water and Elyssinu of the Realm of Air, Cragmathe does not maintain vassals. His rule is absolute.

The Realm of Stone