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Water District

Elders Keep


On the eastern side of the Silver River, nestled into the mountainside of the Lunar Mountains. Dense forest can be found on the outskirts of the mountainside, concealing the entrance to the small settlement.

General Information

Elders Keep is a relatively new settlement, being established for only 25 years. The town was founded by the Grand Elder Atri, originally of Jahdrosh. Attuned to the realm of essence at a young age, he was an outcast among the Dragonkyn community because he did not identify with any particular primal element. After finally having enough of being harassed, he decided to create his own utopia where Dragonkyn can work together in harmony and put aside their differences.

In doing so, he traveled to the other 3 main Dragonkyn cities to empathize with those that had experienced the same hardships that he had during his time in Jahdrosh. It wasn’t long before he started to gather a strong following of Dragonkyn representing all of the elements that sought to better their lives and share his dream.

The group of Dragonkyn traveled south along the Lunar Mountains until they reached the Silver River. As leader of the Dragonkyn, he sought to pick a location that naturally emphasized the harmony between the four elements. As they continued down the river, they traveled through a dense forest, to the base of the Lunar Mountains. Atri determined that this location would be ideal as the primal elements were exhibited naturally by the location.

Town Description


Those attuned to water created a settlement near the Silver River. Those that attuned to stone and earth created a settlement into the mountainside. Those attuned to air settled at the top of the mountain, where the altitude was most to their liking and the sky was closest to them. Those attuned to the element of fire settled in the plains under the sun. Together, they began to form their utopia, working from the harmony that the elements brought them.


In the very heart of the mountain rests the Elders and Grand Elders, as it is the safest, and most heavily guarded section of the village. Although this is where the Elders conduct business and the hoard of the Elders is located, the Elders are often seen mingling amongst the other Dragonkyn in different parts of the village. By no means do they keep to themselves inside the keep at all times.


Composed of nearly 100 Dragonkyn, 4 Elder Dragonkyn, and 1 Grand Elder Dragonkyn. The village has not had outsiders within its borders since its creation.


All Dragonkyn seeking to create a utopia and better life than they had in their former towns. All are dedicated to the vision of the Grand Elder. There are hardly any civil complaints amongst citizens of the small village as most are concerned with growing and maintaining the village.


All decisions are made by the four Elders. In the case of a deadlock, the Grand Elder is the tie-breaker. The Grand Elder can over-turn any decision made by the Elders.


Cohorts of 5. One essence caster per group of 4 primal Dragonkyn. The Cohorts train under the tutelage of the Fire Elder and his appointed Training Master. Once they have received the approval of the Fire Elder, the Cohorts then must gain the approval of the remaining Elders before being allowed to be assigned missions. At this point they are then allowed to be sent out into Valara to travel to new villages and countries to seek rare items to be taken back to the hoard of the Elders.

The small village of Elders Keep maintains an even smaller standing militia to guard the Keep.


The mountainside itself provides its own natural defense and the Dragonkyn utilize the elements around them to spring traps and catch intruders off guard. To this day, no one has tried to invade the small village for most do not know it exists.

Notable Leaders

Atri – Grand Elder - white with golden accents

Sino – Female Water Elder - fierce warrior and battle tactician

Ra’Zash – Male Fire Elder - short, hot-headed, protective, oversees the hoard

Zephyra – Female Air Elder - historian, smart, elegant

Knot – Male Earth Elder - mute, kind, stoic

“The Old One” - priest in the temple, green scaled

Gramph - Grandma to Gale, silver-scaled, Match-Maker

Draken -- Leader of the Alpha Cohort (group that went to Foundstone)

Other notable NPCs

Hail - deceased, member of Draken’s cohort, ice

Gale - member of Draken’s cohort, air

Blaze - member of Draken’s cohort, fire

Cairn - member of Draken’s cohort, stone

Lyth- Hail’s wife

Hath - Hail’s daughter

Grumph - Head Stonemason, gruff, stern

Kitha - granddaughter to the priest, gold scaled

Mama Ruby - Top Cook, mother of 2, Fire Dragonkyn, oversees the inn

          Ra’Zash                                   Sino                                          Atri                                        Zephyra                          Knot

Known Problems

Publicly, few to none. Other than common squabbles amongst Dragonkyn within the city.


Local Laws

The word of the Grand Elder is law. The four Elders carry out his vision and ensure that peace is kept. (See section on Government)


As for laws, common laws stand as with most Valaran cities (i.e. no thievery, murder, destruction of property, etc.) Punishment can range from fines, to resurrection. The ultimate punishment is scaling which is only used in the most severe of cases.



(See section on Government)


There are currently no taxes as the town has only been in existence for 25 years. The village operates on socialist principles trying to create a utopia. If outsiders were ever to establish a business in Elders Keep, the concept of taxes would be explored. There are no taxes for travelling merchants, as none have ever visited the village.

Religions Practiced


The Four and the Small One


Large stone statues of each member of "The Four" are represented guarding a smaller dragon known as "The Small One."  Dragonkyn from each sector can be seen entering the small temple to pray and seek council from the "The Four".


Each element is represented in the temple: the statues being built into a fountain; stone carvings depicting the Element Wars; torches lighting the temple, and an even smaller torch inside the statue of the "The Small One" exactly where it's heart would be in order to represent its passion to unite the elements; and the breath filling the lungs of each living Dragonkyn visiting the temple to commune with "The Four".


It is the duty of the community to ensure that the flame of "The Small One" is lit at all times.


Notable Events


The Unity Festival : Always held on the first monday of the 9th month

Those attuned to the element of water created a settlement near the Silver River. Here they thrive on the water farm lands and the natural forgiveness of the river it never seems to run out of fish of all kinds. Those in the water district are to participate in mandatory Tai Chi in the morning at 9am sharp, this helps calm them for the day from the restless tide that is there emotions. Often others from different elements would join in to also be at peace for the rest of the day.

Available Shops and Resources in the Water District

  • Water Elder’s home

  • Farmland

  • Docks

  • Tannery

  • Butcher Shop

  • Fishermen Shack

  • Tai chi area.

Air District

Those attuned to air settled at the top of the mountain, where the keep is located home to the air elder. The altitude was most to their liking and the sky it is not easy to walk apon the walkways but the view is amazing.

Available Shops and Resources in the

Air District

  • Air Elder`s home

  • Entertainment Stage

  • the Cheese Shop

  • Goat Farm

  • Music Studio

  • Clothing Shop

  • Matchmaker

Earth District inside the Keep

The keep is a temple dedicated to the Four and the Small One. A priest and his daughter oversee the temple and tell tales of the ancient dragons to any that will listen. They ensure that the eternal flame inside the temple remains lit at all times. On the other side of the Treasure Room is the Council Room of the Elders. This is where the Elders convene to conduct their business and discuss matters of importance.

Available Shops and Resources

inside the keep 

  • Home of the Earth Elder

  • Unity Fountain

  • Council Room of the Elders

  • Temple to the Four and the Small One

  • Weapon Shop

  • Armor Shop

  • Crafts Store

  • Dance Studio

  • Spa

  • Herbalist/Potion Shop

  • Local Pub

The Fire District 

Those attuned to the element of fire settled in the plains under the sun. This District is where Dragonkyn of all elements come to learn in the school house and also train in combat and other hunting tracking ability's needed to help keep Elders Keep sustaining its life style it is used to. This district is most known for the Inn/Tavern Mama Ruby and her family run, she never lets anyone go hungry. 

Available Shops and Resources in the

Fire District 

  • Home of the Fire Elder

  • Local tavern / INN

  • Sunbathing Rocks

  • Combat Training pit

  • Local schoolhouse.


(similar to a bed and breakfast) is located in the Fire District. This is where the majority of the Dragonkyn eat and rest. Mama Ruby is the owner, and her family assists her in running it.

The Pub

inside the Keep in the Earth District. Dragonkyn stop in from time to time to grab a drink and catch up. Others come to see the fairest Dragonkyn in the entire village, Lady Garnett, the bar maiden.  Her father owns the pub, and the two of them run it together.

Head of Plot: Justin Ackerman

Elders Keep