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The Realm of Fire is made up of vast active volcanoes that spew lava flows which constantly run down the sides of the rigid rock and pour into seas of molten rock. Petrified trees burn eternally, forging a forest of obsidian torches. Magma deep within the Realm gushes forth, dousing the surface in flame. Denizens of the Realm live within the cracks of the volcanoes, which give the appearance of an endless mountain range. Among the volcanic peaks, one stands as a giant over the rest and is considered the epicenter of the Realm. Valarans refer to this particular peak as Mount Charathan (CHAR-a-thun). Two wide rivers of lava constantly flow down the ridges of this volcano. Ash seems to rain down from a sky that is always full of black, roiling clouds. The heat is so intense that those not of this Realm burst into flames instantly, leaving nothing behind but puddles of melted flesh and ash. The intense conditions create many rare, precious gems and metals that are unique to the Realm of Fire. These materials are said to exhibit magical properties and are highly prized by Valarans.


Deep within the belly of Mount Charathan is the Keep of Living Embers. This structure looms, blacken and charred, from the magma as an imposing edifice meant to weaken the knees of anyone foolish enough to cast their glance into the mouth of the volcano. At the center of the Keep is the throne room. Framed by a waterfall of lava, an obsidian throne rises from the river of molten rock that bisects the entire room. The Paragon of Fire, Ra’tol (RA-toll), rules from atop this throne.


Ra’tol appears as a humanoid composed of crackling, hissing flame clothed in obsidian armor. An ashen mask sits upon his face, controlling his fiery features and allowing only the orange-red flame of his eyes to show through. The wary learn to read Ra’tol’s emotions through his eyes. His temper is a reflection of his Realm, quickly erupting in a firestorm when his passions are roused.

This Paragon in his own Realm is all-seeing and all-knowing of that which occurs within his dominion. He has no need of advisors, generals, or armies to keep his denizens in line. They, being of the Realm and therefore of Ra’tol himself, never question his rule and live as he commands.

The Realm of Fire