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The Scorching Conflagration is a religion of purity and perfection. It is believed that once there was the perfection of fire, lost on Valara when Ra’tol gave of himself to create this new Realm. Worshipers are taught that they must strive for purity in spite of their imperfect natures which are caused by the amalgamation of the elements. Their lives must be devoted to finding perfection so that when their time on Valara has ended, Ra’tol will restore them to primordial purity by burning away the dross of life.
Houses of worship for the Scorching Conflagration are called Chantries and their names are always a reference to fire, such as the Blazing Chantry. Each Chantry has, at its heart, a throne made of volcanic glass, with the more prosperous temples boasting thrones made of such material from the Realm of Fire itself. A fire that burns high around the throne is kept going at all times in the hopes that one day Ra’tol himself might appear to the congregation. This also serves to heat the Chantry to an uncomfortably warm degree and causes the worshipers to sweat, another symbolic cleansing of impurities.
In each Chantry are Embers, or priest initiates. It is the duty of the Embers to keep the fire around the throne burning. The priests are known as Flares and each Chantry has seven Flares to guide believers on their own path to purity. There is no centralized place or person that serves to lead this religion as no Flare would ever dare presume he could speak for Ra’tol directly, as they themselves are still far short of perfection. The Embodiment of Ra’tol is chosen every five years among the Flares by majority vote. No one Flare may serve as the Embodiment at Convocations more than twice in their lifetime.
The process for becoming a Flare is a long and arduous journey of self-reflection. Most commonly, those who set themselves upon the path to becoming a Flare have seen some catastrophe involving fire and have seen something within the flames that has called them to the service of Ra’tol.
Over time, what defines ‘perfection’ has changed, given the local Flare’s interpretation of what it might mean. As an example, Flare Flug, an Orkling from the Scalding Chantry in The World’s Furnace teaches that perfection is found in the strength and surprising beauty of fire. To reach perfection, one must hone the body to become as strong and as powerful as possible. Another example is Flare Adorellan, a Moon Elf from the Smoldering Chantry in The Aesner Desert, who teaches that perfection comes with knowledge and enlightenment, a purification of the mind that involves a symbolic burning away of excess and unnecessary thoughts and emotions, leaving behind the passion of truth.
The symbol for Scorching Conflagration is an upward triangle. This symbol is usually branded on all devotees’ skin.

The Scorching Conflagration

Religion of Fire

“Ra’tol is all and all is Ra’tol.”