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King's Hollow Plot
Oct 16, 2017

Lady Orchid's Tea Party


Lady Orchid would like to invite all citizens, visitors and adventurer's to her next tea party. The gathering will be held at the hour of 2pm on the 28th day of October at the Count's House. Anyone interested in attending should please sign their name below so that proper refreshments will be available.


Katie Jo Davis
Oct 16, 2017



Oct 17, 2017







**pending any sort of disaster requiring the Town Guard's attention or if Halsted gets into a fight with a giant arthropod again

Cecilaria Udonta Videl
Oct 17, 2017

Barring anything unforeseen I shall be in attendance



Hope Fountain
Oct 17, 2017

Good Lady Orchid,

I shall attempt to be there. Please let me know if you desire me to bring anything.

~Kestra Moonshadow~

Oct 18, 2017

Would love another tea party with you Miss Orchid. I will be there.

Windup Buttonpusher

Dave Wheat
Oct 21, 2017

Dearest Lady Orchid,


I will absolutely be there, wouldn't miss it for the world! Hope you are well and hope to see you soon.


Ollivander "Ollie" Yewp Lessinthul

Citizen of King's Hollow

Kings Hollow Wizarding Guild

Star of Khadro, "Sassmaster"

Bishop of Bitchiness

Queen Aldra Mari
Oct 22, 2017

*signs her name and Elek's*


Queen Aldra Clickspinner Romanov Mari

Elek "I know I'm an idiot" Vanburs


Sarah Michelle Bauer
Oct 22, 2017

Dear Guests,


I am very honored by everyone who is planning to attend. I am still deciding on the tea blends I wish to serve but I have asked Fireside Lily's to make her special cookies (gluten free) and some of her delicious apple pastries. If there any special requests, please let me know.


Lady Archivist Orchid

Robin Diamond Collins
Oct 24, 2017

Vigilance and Diamond would be honored to attend.

Alexander Hutt
Oct 25, 2017

Unless the town is under attack, or already on an adventure, I plan to attend

- Runedell Blackwood

Oct 26, 2017

My apologies, Lady Orchid, for the late RSVP. I and the members of my House will be in attendance, along with our companion Natalia Romanov. So a total of five of us will be joining you.



New Posts
  • Jamie Willman
    Feb 26, 2018

    Late last evening there was a ruckus of yelling and wardrums close to the town border in the northwest. Those that were in the Count's house, the Barony, and the town guard responded to the band of trolls but were held back as the trolls assaulted them from afar with trebuchets filled with the heads of missing scouts. The true target of the attack became obvious as the Watchdog went up in flames, the paper and ink held in the building causing it to catch fast and burn uncontrollably before anybody could stop it. Toby, Daniel, Simon, Brent, Bernard, and Luis were all recovered fairly unharmed, though the youngest of the dogkyn was understandably shaken. Scotty, Domino, and The Duke have been taken to the Healer's Guild to deal with minor burns and smoke inhalation and are expected to make full recovery. Cyrus, Sharia, and Pete are in more serious condition. While Sharia is being treated Lily Martindell and Sapphire have offered their homes to the now homeless feralkyn, though Daniel, Simon, and Domino have all vowed to stay at the Healer's Guild until everybody is healed. The Watchdog building was completely unsalvageable, and until further notice, no papers will be printed or available for sale.
  • King's Hollow Plot
    Feb 10, 2018

    Things seem to be calm and peaceful in the small village as more and more traders and visitors pass through the area. The Widow Walk is lively with all manner of people chatting and enjoying the company of the warm tavern. Toby is out running about, tail wagging rapidly as he tells everyone that he's twelve now and almost forgets to hand them a paper. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oZfMfrniMrCTyhz3TJ1QdvlypPoRvigN
  • King's Hollow Plot
    Jan 2, 2018

    Toby bounces from person to person with a new ball stuffed into his mouth making it quite hard for him to get words out. His tail is a small propeller as people will often throw the ball after buying a newspaper to watch the young dogkyn dart after it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qDVabnBPBz7gddmi30O_pkeevZnqLOAY/view?usp=sharing