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Cincinnati Stone Dragon Ridge
Sep 18, 2017



Humanoids encased in a smoke like armor begin appearing all over Stone Dragon ridge. The town guard, armed Citizens, and Adventurers stand tall between them and the rest of the population. They in sync hang up parchments around town. They linger for a moment and then disappear quickly.

"All Outsiders are to leave the Kingdom at once. The Queen no longer chooses to entertain visitors in her lands. The city will be closed at Sundown."


(If you would like for your character to remain in the city when it "Closes," please send an Email to Cincinnati.stonedragonridge@castlelarp.com before 1am 9/20/17)


John Kale
Sep 18, 2017

Milus reads the posting and says loudly "OI NOBODY IS TELLING ME WHERE I CAN OR CANNOT BE."

He will turn to the citizens near him and say " This is your home they can't take that from you. THIS WILL NOT BE ANOTHER IRONWALL!"

Sarah Michelle Bauer
Sep 18, 2017

Alana reads the notices and says, "Oi! Not leavin' just cause someone says they're the Queen of it all of a sudden. Thought Stone Dragon Ridge had a Council in charge of it, not a Queen."

Chris Hill
Sep 18, 2017

Mordakai dont listen to no body. I aint movein till i want too.

Ethan Wolfe
Sep 18, 2017

After reading the notice, Reoshin scoffs and says, "I will be here to help the residents of this village until this threat passes."

Seth Alan Hartsock
Sep 18, 2017

Rhys reads the notice and also shouts, "Nope! Ya think ya can just lay claim to a land lass without some opposition? Ya came t' the wrong place for that."

Sep 18, 2017

Tadhg looks over the decree. "Ha! Ya think we're jus gonna turn tail and run? Yer dumber than I expected you to be."

Sep 18, 2017


Simon is abnormally quiet as he reads the letter, pulls out a piece of paper, and begins to write. After a moment he chuckles, "Y' fucked wit' the wrong clan. Come an' have a go if y' think y' hard enough. We'll be waitin'."

Justin Ackerman
Sep 19, 2017

Sijoy walks up to the parchment, smiles and rips one down. "This Stormcrow Ridge. Stormcrows kill Red Demon. Stormcrows kill Queen too. Dumb bitch." He then walks away.

Garrett Dicks
Sep 19, 2017

Aron looks over the parchment and sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. "More Fae Shenanigans...?"

Ryan Wise
Sep 19, 2017

Charon would look at the parchment and would look very concerned about what is going on. "This is not going to end well..."

Hope Fountain
Sep 19, 2017

Kestra takes quick notes about the humanoids who posted the signs. Once they are gone, she reads the poster and shakes her head in exasperation. "Really! Follow-up care and brick lessons by sundown? Someone clearly has no idea how long quality work takes!"

New Posts
  • Cincinnati Stone Dragon Ridge
    Mar 1, 2018

    The office of the Chancellor has arranged an open forum to discuss the current state of affairs in SDR. Liam stands behind a small podium in front of the assembled people. Various members of the council can be seen near the front of the crowd. The Chancellor speaks clearly and confidently: "People of the Ridge and those from beyond, welcome to my first State of the City address. I decided that it is high time that we speak directly to one another of the various goings-on around town. I will make a few statements then we can open it up for discussion and questions. I want you all to feel you can be open and honest about any concerns you have. I will do my damndest to address anything that is brought before me at this meeting We began this year with a large economic boon, new foreign outreach, and a general feeling of peace throughout the city. The quarry is back up and running as are our lumber exports. We've bounced back amazingly fast after the detrimental events of last year. That being said, it would seem all good things must come to an end...Threats new and old have arisen. The aberrant animals and beasts that were thought to be a side effect of the Fae "queen's" occupation have not tapered off as we thought they would. The City Guard continually has to fend off these strange creatures as they surface around the city. They seem more active at night and in areas that are less trafficked. It is my advice that we go back to our old custom of making sure not to travel alone, even within the city. The Knowledge Guild and The Adventurers Guild are working together to find the source of these things and devise a way to stop them from being a threat. The other recent concerning issue is these spires that have been, sometimes literally, cropping up in and around the city. Our information on them is limited as they seem rather volatile and no one has been able to even get a sample of the material, let alone study it. What we do know is that they seem to be crystalline in nature, and they appear to grow out of the ground at rates much faster than natural crystals, and when contact is made with them, various magical effects up to and including violent explosions tend to result. I advise avoidance until we are able to learn more. That all being said, we have always faced challenges in this city, and we have always overcome. We have troubles in front of us now, but we are still better off than we were 6 months ago. We will overcome these problems like we have all the others. I would now like to hear from you. Are there any questions or topics you'd like to discuss" (OOG: For the sake of keeping this from getting too out of timeline, we'll put a 2 week limit on replies. If you want your character to have been present for this, feel free to comment below in game with your questions for the chancellor by 3-14-18.)
  • Cincinnati Stone Dragon Ridge
    Jan 31, 2018

    An old man in a blue robe dodders through the city yelling "Papers! Papers here!"
  • Cincinnati Stone Dragon Ridge
    Nov 27, 2017

    From the office of the Chancellor: For immediate release People of Stone Dragon Ridge, First, and most importantly, with the defeat of the fae queen and the departure of the Fire Guard, I am lifting the decree of Martial Law. Normal operations of the City Guard will resume immediately. In my capacity as Chancellor, I have authorized the use of reserve funds that have remained untapped for several decades. The Chancellor’s Discretionary Fund has always been maintained as a contingent reserve for city improvements as well as emergencies, and given the current issues the city is experiencing, I have decided their use is justified. These funds will be applied to: The hiring of additional craftsmen to complete the repairs to the parts of the city damaged by the explosion last year. Repair, cleaning and renovation to homes in the residential district that have been unused since the loss of life in the Evil Eye attacks from several years ago. The hiring of additional city guardsmen to clear out any lingering bandits or errant wildlife that are causing issues within the city. (These will be temporary positions, lasting only until these issues are resolved) Miscellaneous improvement and beautification projects throughout the city (new parks, flower gardens, a new coat of paint on public buildings, etc.) A foreign outreach program to the refugees from Kripple Kreek that I will be detailing below. I am excited to announce that, starting immediately, we, as a City, will be embarking on the largest foreign outreach program in living memory. The refugees from Kripple Kreek had their home ripped away from them by vile beasts. They lost a great many things, and we are in a position to aid in them getting it back. Currently, the refugees are mainly housed in the town of King’s Hollow. Given their relative size and the number of refugees, this is proving a strain on their resources. The efforts are already underway to relocate these people to our city. They will be housed in the unused buildings in the residential district, and a portion of them will be employed in the repair and security forces that are outlined above. Once the domestic tasks are completed, the refugees, as well as many of our craftsmen will venture to the former location of Kripple Kreek to rebuild the town. Elros of the Baronial house of King’s Hollow spearheaded this project, and I eagerly agreed. This joint venture will surely bring us closer to our neighbors to the north and foster improved trade relations moving forward. If there are any municipal issues that you would like to see addressed as part of the repair and renovation efforts, please submit them in writing to my office. I will read and consider each and every one as this project continues. Thank you, Liam Nog Chancellor of Stone Dragon Ridge Dictated but not read