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Master of Secrets
Aug 22, 2017

The day the sun faded.


As darkness fell upon the noonday sun and horrible howl was heard throughout Lunea Majora. A fiend with a giant mouth decimated the front gates of the city. It walked through the marketplace it slayed every living thing that came near. It worked it's way towards the temple of Cragmathe, shattered the doors, and slayed those inside. It destroyed the oldest statue dedicated to earthen deity and then left the city. It's howls were heard until the darkness of the sun faded.

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  • Master of Secrets
    Dec 2, 2017

    Posted in all major cities. A report from Brak Ridgebreak, son of Thula Ridgebreak current Vini of Skerborg, on the account of the attack on Skerborg. There was no warning. A foul wind rose through the tunnels and then the screaming started. The stench of death followed. Shadow fiends plunged through the tunnels of Skerborg slaying any in their wake. They were being driven like common beasts and slaughtering my clansmen before we could mount a defensive. Before we were able to come to aid with golden weapons numerous of my fellows were slaughtered. Even with the special weapons it was difficult. The shadow fiends attacked with a fervor and did not shy away from the gold coated weapons. Nor could our priest turn them away with blinding light. The fiends seemed mad, if that was even possible. We dispatched the first wave effectively as we shored up our line. When the second wave attacked with the same zeal we held them back and only took minor injuries. Then an unworldly howl echoed through the town. That howl chilled me to my bones. Then I heard the howl again. The howl increased the intensity of the shadow fiends' attack and they started to push us back. A bolt of black energy shot through the cave destroying several fiends and dwarvenfolk alike. Then another bolt came sizzling anything in its wake. Then another bolt of black energy sizzled the area. The fiends were all but destroyed, but we were down to three. Borus Cloudstomper was steadfast in his defense, but myself and Torin were knocked aside. Then I saw it. A fiend with a giant mouth. As it approached it entangled Borus with its chains. When it pulled them free Borus's body was ripped to shreds. The gigantic fiend ignored Torin and myself and proceeded to an odd shrine of Ra’tol near the grand blacksmith of Skerborg. The fiend shattered the ancient shrine of the fire paragon and then left the city. It's howls were heard echoing in the tunnels as it continued to slay anything that got in its way.
  • Corwin Arvin
    Nov 1, 2017

    Squig is headed across Valara on his way back to Stone dragon Stopping along any Caravans or towns along the way looking for friends or other adventures..
  • Founders Stone
    Sep 13, 2017