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Getting Started


2020 Schedule of Events Coming Soon 

Cost of Attendance

New Players pay only the cost of insurance, which is $5 per game day.

A two-day weekend is $37.50 per game day and a three-day weekend is $35 Per game day. Players have the option of pre-registering for events to save $15 for the weekend.

Volunteering to be non-playable characters (NPCs) and helping our plot teams is always free and players receive in-game rewards.

Castle has a variety of additional discounts available, listed on our website, including new player referrals, NPC ratio discounts, Military/Veterans discounts and in-game rewards when NPCing that can be redeemed for free game days.



Valara is the world in which characters live and the “stage” for all Castle events.

Life itself is comprised of six major elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Life and Death. Each element is born from a single focus, both connected and separate from the world you now know. Eons ago, the Paragons of each of these elements labored together to create a utopia – a balance of elements manifested into a single realm of existence. This realm is known to you as Valara.

The paragons have since returned to their respective realms:  Ra’tol the Paragon of Fire, Undinae the Paragon of Water, Cragmathe the Paragon of Earth, Elyssinu the Paragon of Air, Ga’lar and Ge’lina the twin Paragons of Life and Seneroth the Paragon of Death. Thus, a guardian was chosen and bestowed powers by the Paragons to continue their vision. Known as “Anima the Creator”, this guardian has shaped Valara into the world you see today.

Players have the option of creating a character from one of the five major categories of races:  Mankind, Elves, Kindred, Warling and Hillfolk. These characters embark their journey, venturing to Valara in what is known as the “Age of Mists.” No one knows what the mists are or where they came from and the only records indicate that these mists appear and disappear, seemingly at random. Sometimes these mists leave behind people who claim to be from other worlds, while other times the mists leave behind ruins unlike any seen before.

Are you ready to begin your journey?



Players have the option of choosing skills from five main categories:


Physical prowess obtained through rigorous training. Adventurers that focus on these skills tend to be more of a “fighter” type.


Abilities gained through the use of poisons, subtlety, and seemingly the shadows themselves. Adventurers that focus on these skills tend to be more “roguish” than others.


Through innate abilities or years of study, Adventurers that focus on these skills are the healers and mages of Valara drawing from the three main schools of magic:  essence, prime, and wild.


Adventurers that focus on the crafts can create remarkable items. They can create tonics that heal, replenish resource pools, grant magical protection, and even bring the recently deceased back to life. They can also create kits that reinforce shields, armor and weapons alike, lethal poisons, items to infuse the elements to a weapon, or change the very composition of the weapon itself. Crafters can do a little bit of everything.

High Magic

Those that use high magic can do a multitude of different Thaumaturgies, Invocations, and Enchantments. From removing hexes and other deadly effects, to enchanting weapons.

Combat System

Castle is a lightest-touch boffer LARP and emphasizes player safety above all else. Players initiate their skills by stating a combat call with three main delivery types:  physical, poison or magic. Attacks are delivered via weapons or “packets” which are used to represent spells, arrows, or other ranged attacks. If struck, players then must either call a defense, or take the amount of associated damage to their hit points.

Castle is a resource-based system with five main resource pools:  Tenacity (for martial skills), Finesse (for shadow skills), Mana (for arcane spells),  Expertise (for crafting skills) and Hit Points (health). Reagents, such as caps (money) and Valara crystals are used to create crafted items or fuel high magic rituals.

Please refer to our rule-book for more information.


Playable Races

Click on the image for the Race you want to learn more about





Dark Elf

Moon Elf

Valaran Elf














At Castle we recommend beginning your character creation with a “character concept.” Some questions to think about when developing a character concept include:  What is the personality of my character? How would they act? What alignment do I want my character to have? Do they have a fatal flaw? What is the most important thing my character would care about?


Some players choose to have a simple character concept, allowing their character to be shaped and influenced by their interactions and experiences at events. Others choose to create detailed concepts that they then weave into their experiences and use as a compass to guide their actions. The freedom of developing a concept and seeing it evolve with time is what makes the character feel alive and helps you as a player connect with your character.


Once you have developed your character concept, it is time to start thinking about your character’s past. Were they born on Valara or perhaps they are a traveler from another realm that has made their way through the mist?


Players have freedom in developing their backstory and our World Plot Team is always available to assist in creating the perfect backstory for you.


Now that you have your character concept and backstory completed, it is time to think about what skills you want your character to possess. Are they a front-line fighter? Perhaps a rogue that prefers to hide in the shadows? A powerful sorceress who has devoted her life to the study of the arcane? Our skill system is made to be 100% customizable and “classless” allowing you to pick any skill you desire. Archetypes are available at reaching skill point milestones to allow you to even further define your character and make them truly unique.


And finally, now that you have created your character on paper, it is time to bring them to life! Whether you make your costuming from scratch, or purchase costuming from a variety of LARP vendors, acquiring garb for your character is an ever-evolving process. Many experienced LARPers have seen many iterations of their characters throughout the years. We also have members of our community that specialize in creating garb for our players and are more than happy to take commissions.






Attending your first LARP event can be a bit intimidating if you do not know what to expect, what to bring, or how to be prepared.  Preparing for a LARP event is about the same as preparing for a camping trip.  For a weekend event, you’ll be sleeping in either tents or cabins, so prepare accordingly with sleeping gear, including pillows and blankets and toiletries (including bug spray and sunscreen).  Don’t forget to bring your costume, armor, weapons, racial makeup and makeup remover, spell packets, and other props such as locks/ tools and duct tape necessary to play your character. It is almost a certainty the local plot team will not be able to loan these basic items you will need to be effective.

Footwear is all-important!  Bring shoes in which you will be able to run and hike.  Waterproof is a real bonus.  Plan to bring extra socks: figure out how many you think you will need for the weekend and then bring twice as many. If it’s rainy, toss in a few more for good measure. Nothing kills an adventuring spirit like soggy feet.


Medications, if you require them. For prescription medications, you will need to inform the medics and the local plot team of what you are taking and where you keep it.  A special note for those with asthma or those who have severe allergies: have your inhaler and/or Epipen on you at all times. Make sure that the people who you are adventuring with know where you keep it, in case you have trouble getting to it when you need it.


A moderately-sized box is helpful to store game-related items you are leaving at or near your bunk. (Extra coin, spare tags/items, plot-related items you may find, etc...). A lock for the box is also highly recommended as you never know what other characters may be interested in your character’s stuff. Non-game-related personal items, such as car keys, phone, and money, are commonly stowed in with your clothes in a container or a duffel bag marked as out-of-game (OOG) so that there is no confusion to which is yours and what belongs to your character.  Th is should be stored under your bed or cot.


A small amount of cash for purchasing food at the tavern. Do not stint yourself on food or liquids. It is easy to become dehydrated with all of the adventure and activity going on!

When arriving on site, you will be required to check in with the local logistics team. They will provide your character sheet and coin and may direct you to your sleeping accommodations.  Once settled in and unpacked, it is time to get into costume and attend Opening Ceremonies. This is where the local plot team will brief you on the campsite and its boundaries, safe and unsafe areas, and the rules for everyone to have a fun, exciting, and safe game.  Afterwards, it is time for the game to begin!




Logistics maintains, updates, and keeps track of all players’ character sheets and skills. Logistics is also responsible for check-in and check- out as well as making sure players receive their in-game items such as: caps (in-game coin), reagents (Valara crystals) and magic items.

Contact the Head of Logistics:

Adam Johnson




Player Representatives serve as Castle's Customer Service Team.

If you have a problem, or if you have an idea on how to improve the game, these fine folks can help you!

Customer Service is available 24x7 to assist those looking to join the Castle Community.

Need help finding costuming? Building your character? Figuring out what to do your first game? They're here for you!




World Design is responsible for assisting players with developing character backstories, authoring the history and culture of the citizens of Valara and overall, maintaining the creative integrity of the game.

Contact World Design: