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Kings Hollow


South of Ironwall near the floating Anturi Ruins. King’s Hollow is nestled between the east side
of the Lunar Mountains and the lake connected to the Caras Ocean

King’s Hollow is a fairly new town built out of the ruins of the City of Beronis when it was transported from Tyrra to Valara. Originally known as Abbot’s Haunt, the village suffered a major problem and was always kept to a bare minimum civilization and was never known to much of Valara. However, after the adventurers solved the issue, the village has grown tremendously into a full trading town.


Buildings in King’s Hollow are made out of stone and wood and are generally farm houses. Buildings and materials are primarily repurposed from the Beronis ruins. Renovated buildings are common. There is no defensive wall and the village is spread out in no particular uniform pattern, like the buildings were built where the ruins of Beronis happen to fall.


The Town collects tax based on the required repairs and maintenance of the buildings / shops owned by the villagers. There are no taxes on sold goods.

Religions Practiced

The Town as a whole does not have or practice much worship as most of the original citizens were from Beronis and Tyrra where that sort of thing did not exist. A Shrine to Life has been built by an adventurer and some do practice worship there. Worship is not forbidden or looked down upon in the town, it is just not something that the people regularly practice. There are also three temples that exist in the area around King’s Hollow: Two were dedicated to Seneroth and a third that is in ruins, however dangers in the forest prevent anyone from going to them for worship. They have long since been abandoned. The Town’s Resurrection Area is located in the Town’s Graveyard near the caretaker’s house.


The current population of King’s Hollow sits just under 1,000 citizens. It is a very small village that only recently could even be called a Town. The village is a melting pot of races with no one race being more prevalent than the others.


Most townfolk have some craft or trade with the primary being farming. The shops work off of coin whereas most of the villagers trade or barter with one another and nearby areas to get the supplies they need. There is also a nearby quarry / mine that the town gets its mineral resources from.


King’s Hollow is governed by Count Brian Decklin and his house of nobles, Viscount Nacali, Senechal Cassius Castial, Kingdom Knight Ser Kasem Asurao, Kingdom Knight Dame Aelaen Elaris, and Lady Archivist Orchid. The Count and his house handle kingdom wide issues and diplomacy while The Baron/Baroness and their house handle the local day to day situations and uphold the laws of the village.

Known Problems
Tense Relationship with COMET, Bandits, Trolls, Spiders, Cultists, Life / Death Elemental Imbalance.


The Town Guard serve to uphold the laws and work as a neutral third-party. Any matters that the Guard cannot directly handle are sent to The Baron/Baroness and their house for judgement. Disputes are settled first by The Baron/Baroness and their house. If the Baron/Baroness cannot come to a decision, or if the Baron/Baroness or one of their house is involved in the dispute, or if the Baron/Baroness believes the matter is above themselves, the issue may be escalated to The Count and his house. The Baron’s judgement is final unless overruled by The Count.


King’s Hollow has just over 100 men that serve as Town Guard of the village, overseen by Viscount Nacali. Nacali often works with The Explorer’s Guild as de facto scouts for the village and Senechal Cassius often patrols outside the town's borders and handles situations with other
villages. Other than that, however, the town does not have a sizeable military to handle large forces.

Local Laws

Branding: A sigil burned into the flesh of the convicted. Placement and nature of sigil determined
based on committed crime. If a Brand is removed via Resurrection, it is up to the ruling Noble as
to whether the Brand will be re-applied.

Execution: Convicted is beaten publicly by a weapon until unconscious. A death blow is then
administered to the convicted. The convicted may then be given a Vitae Restoration.

Fine: A specified payment of caps. Amount will vary based on crime and severity. These monies
(with the exception of fines collected for the crime of Theft) are deposited into the town Treasury
for use in community improvements. If a fine cannot be paid or is deliberately not paid, the ruling
noble may adjust the sentence to at their discretion, to include jail time or community service..

Resurrection: Convicted is beaten publicly by a weapon until unconscious. A death blow is then
administered to the convicted. No Vitae Restoration spell or tonic which mimics the spell Vitae
Restoration may be administered. The convicted must resurrect to complete this sentence.


Crime and Punishment

This is a living document and may be updated to add or remove or adjust crimes and
punishments at the discretion of the ruling noble as needed to maintain a peaceful and safe

● Theft: unwanted taking of a person's goods or property.
              Punishment: Replacement of stolen goods or property along with a fine of caps equal to the value of the stolen goods or                   property at the time of theft; Branded for life on left forearm.

● Assault: any (excluding verbal) attack upon an individual.
              Punishment: Varies on Severity. Punishment at discretion of ruling noble;, could include but is not limited to any of the                      Punishments defined above.

● Assault of Town Guard: Any (excluding verbal) attack upon an individual currently employed by the count and/or Baronial House               as Town Guard
              Punishment: Execution; Fine of 100 caps

● Assault of Leadership: any attack (excluding verbal) upon an individual that is a member of the Count and/or Baronial House.
              Punishment: Resurrection

● Murder: Causing (directly or indirectly) the death and resurrection of another individual
              Punishment: Resurrection; 1000 cap fine

● Malicious Use of Shadow Arts: The use of Shadow Arts to commit any crime
              Punishment: In addition to the punishment for the crime committed, Branding for Life upon right forearm of the convicted;               50 cap fine

● Destruction of Property: Willful damaging of property belonging to another individual
              Punishment: Fine equal to three times the cost of repairs of the damaged property

● Slavery: The owning/use of/capture/sale of slaves.
              Punishment: Resurrection; Branding for Life upon the face of the convicted

● Unlawful Removal of Brand: The removal by any means of a Brand placed under this legal structure
              Punishment: Replacement of Brand; 10 cap fine

● Repeat Offenses: Committing crimes of which a person has already been convicted
              Punishment: Could include any of the above defined Punishments at the discretion of the ruling noble

Notable Events

* Trader’s Dale - Open every Weekend for all to sale / trade their wares.

* Harvest Festival - First Week of October. Lasts all Week

* Snowden Festival - Third Week of December

      * Town Feast, Celebration
*Summer Solstice - Fourth Week in June

Notable Guilds and Leaders
Until Guild Masters are found for the guilds in King’s Hollow, Aelaen Elaris maintains the guilds with the Quartermasters.

  • Wizards Guild: No Guild Master / Quartermaster Adin Eisen has been acting as GM

  • Healers Guild: Svarsward aka Anni / Quartermaster Adin Eisen

  • Explorers Guild: No Guild Master / Quartermaster Lane Hill has been acting as GM

  • Bardic Guild: Guild Master Kestra Moonshadow


The Widow Walk Tavern / Inn


Available Shops and Resources

● Tavern (1)
● Blacksmith (2)
● Scholar (1)
● Healer (1)
● Weaponsmith (2)
● Armorer (2)
● Bowyer (1)
● Merchant / Pawn Shop (1)
● Merchant / Flea Market (1)
● Leatherworker (3)
● Tailor (3)
● Jeweler (1)
● Cobbler (2)
● Fishmonger (1)
● Farrier (1)
● Carpenter (1)
● Mason (1)
● Bakery (1)
● Meadery (1)
● Butcher (1)
● School (1)
● Game Shop (1)

Head of Plot: Casey Larrison

Kings Hollow