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The Realm of Life is split in two by a fast-flowing river that stretches across it. In the center of the river sits a large golden city, the pinnacle of the Life Realm. Residing within this city are the denizens and creatures of Life as well as the twin Paragons who oversee the Realm. Called the Fountain of Life, the city is named for the large waterfall that pours from the northern end of the city walls. Like much of this Realm, the city is divided equally in half. Inside the city each structure is made of gold. Living establishments are found on the western side of the city.


The two Paragons who rule the Realm of Life are named Ga’lar (ga-LAR) and Ge’lina (ga-LEE-na), the former adorned in shining armor and the latter in silken robes with wisps of life flowing around them.

Long locks of golden hair beautifully braided run down Ge’lina’s back, her robes embroidered with golden symbols and incantations. Ge’lina rules the western side of the Realm which radiates with an organization of life.


Ga’lar’s golden hair is cropped to reflect that of a soldier. His armor is polished white gold and etched with similar symbols and incantations as Ge’lina. Ga’lar rules over the eastern side strengthened by power of growth.


The two Paragons are twins and reside within a temple at the heart of the city. The temple is split down the middle with two thrones for the siblings to sit on. While the two of them represent Life they also portray two different aspects of it. Ge’lina represents the positive power of Life and its abilities to heal and revitalize. Ga’lar represents the natural order of Life and trains his armies in the ways needed for slaying threats that disrupt Life energy on both the Realm and Valara. Ga’lar also believes that one who cannot respect life does not deserve life and can rot in the Realm of Death. It is said that Ga’lar does not see eye to eye with some of the other Paragons, and his sister Ge’lina is the one who communicates between the other Realms.

The Realm of Life