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In the name of the Twins, devotees of Life seek to learn and protect Life’s place in the Valaran cycle of life, death and rebirth. Like the Paragons, followers of Life generally fall into one half of the teachings. There are those that see Life as an influence of healing and revitalization to be cultivated and revered. Others embrace that Life, while wild and dangerous on its own, should be protected at all costs, especially from those who would seek to escape death by hiding in false life. Neither half seeks to undermine or hold back death. Instead, their purpose is to protect it so that cleansed Vitae can be returned to Valara and the cycle may begin again.
Houses of worship are called Chapels and are often named for some aspect of vitality, such as the Breath of Life Chapel or the Vital Spark Chapel. These temples are often not temples at all, but merely an area of natural ground demarcated by four tall, white pillars usually carved from marble or granite. Three sides of this area are allowed to grow naturally: rose vines are encouraged to twine around the pillars, grass is left to grow tall and thick and brush and bushes are left untamed. The fourth side is used as entrance to this sacred area and is maintained with lush grass and naturally growing flowers and plants that extend into the interior of the worship area. Roses are the preferred flower as no other plant represents better the delicate balance of beauty and danger. Instead of an altar, there are two small thrones that represent the thrones of the Twins in the Fountain of Life. More affluent Chapels can afford thrones of gold, but smaller Chapels content themselves with thrones of locally found white stone or wood.
Initiates of Life are known as Sparks who work in male-female pairs, and it is their responsibility to maintain the grounds with loving care as well as protect them from desecrators and vandals. The clergy who maintain these temple areas always come in male-female pairs known as Vitals. There is only one pair per Chapel and they preach together, one standing before the throne of Ga’lina and one before the throne of Ga’lar. While their message is the same, one preaches from the perspective of the beauty and sanctity of Life and the other from the perspective that followers must strive to protect Life from those that do not respect it.
The Embodiment of the religion of Life is represented by the longest serving pair of Vitals in the faith.
The symbol for Fount of Vitae is a jar with an opening in the top. Th is symbol is worn as rings or bracelets on devotees that follow this religion.

The Fount of Vitae

Religion of Life

“Ga’lar is the blood that fills my veins. Ga’lina is the breath that fills my soul.”