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The REAL Update 4

April 1, 2018

Good morning everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your Easter Sunday. The REAL Update 4 is now posted and is live on both the website and the app. This is not an April Fools Joke.


I must say that this has been both a stressful and exciting month. In only 31 days, we have accomplished the following: locate, schedule, and secure payment for all of our events; develop and implement a brand new app for Castle on both Android and IOS; purchase a trailer and make multiple trips from Cincinnati to Columbus to bring all props and inventory to one central location (my garage); clean out said garage and build shelves to store all of the props and inventory; begin to organize and catalog all of the props and inventory; host a Larp Expo; assemble an amazing staff for PR, Customer Service, Game Design, and Board of Directors; create a brilliant new logo; prepare and host an all-staff meeting; file for and start a brand new, non-profit organization and transfer all assets from C.A.S.T.L.E.; and have multiple rules meetings every week to bring you Update 4. There has been so much that has happened
in such a short time, I probably missed a few things...


I say this as a reminder that a lot of work happens behind the scenes to bring to you the Castle experience you all know and love. We have been working non-stop since we started, and I sincerely hope that all of you enjoy Update 4 as much as we do. Please keep in mind the Behavior Policy and remember that we all put a lot of time and energy into this game and want to see it continue to succeed and grow.


A few points of clarification:
1. ALL feedback should be sent to Customerservice@castlelarp.com.
2. Players can post and discuss the new rules in the Facebook Group: Rules Discussion and the Update 4 team will post clarifications.
3. Updates 2 and 3 have been compiled into Update 4. To play the game, Players will only need the Player Rulebook Version 1.5 and Update 4.
4. All Players will receive FULL character rewrites. This means all character sheets will be “wiped clean” except for the amount of Skill Points earned, caps and Valara Crystals. This does not clear free character deaths on character sheets. Please email Tim Saluga Tsaluga@castlelarp.com for Logistics.
5. We will be having a Mod Day on April 28 to test out these rules, provide feedback, and have an Ask Me Anything session. This event is free to attend and players will receive 1 day of SP if they provide feedback. See the Facebook Event Page for more details.


I truly believe this will be the best year of Castle Larp yet. Looking forward to 2018 season with all of


Click here to see Update 

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