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A report from Kings Hollow

March 17, 2019

Several verified reports of activity from Kings Hollow are made available throughout Valara for any who are curious.


Good evening travelers. As most of you are aware, the small town of Kings Hollow held a market last week, and activity was abound.


Villagers and adventurers alike encountered a seemingly evil Ent with dragon-scaled panthers as pets. The combined force of such powerful creatures nearly killed a town ally and threatened to destroy the town by bringing back mutated spiders that appeared in Kings Hollow a couple of years ago. Thankfully, and unfortunately, brave adventurers sacrificed themselves and risked their chances with Death to quell the Ent's efforts.


While the spiders and at least one other Ent, Evergreen, have been known to Kings Hollow, the town also experienced some new problems. One of those was a strange fungus that appeared in the forest just outside the village proper before the market. The fungus appears to have the ability to infect corpses and create monstrosities using the bodies.


In addition to the fungus, there has been more activity with things that adventurers and villagers have encountered in the past. There's been continuous reports of creatures of all kinds with blue mana crystals sticking out of them, as if they were experimented on in some way. These creatures also don't always appear to have their wits entirely with them.


And I fear as if that were not enough bad news, the cultists who worship Seneroth, the very same ones that adventurers encountered some number of markets ago, returned at nighttime in an attempt to abduct people. But it's not all bad! They were pushed back by the adventurers.


I wish it all problems were so easily solved by adventurers as easily as the cultists seemed to have been thwarted (for now at least). But sadly, the fiends that have been known to live in mirrors in Kings Hollow have started to step out of the mirrors and take forms, sometimes appearing as the form of a known adventurer or villager. I don't think much headway has been made on that account.


Some townspeople have also reported that a strange ghost dressed in black robes has been killing people at night, disturbing the spirits in the area. I don't really have more information on those reports.


As if that weren't bad enough for the poor town of Kings Hollow, elementals of all sorts suddenly appeared (and I do mean suddenly) and began to fight amidst a massive, abnormal storm. I mean abnormal as in the sky looked very grim, unlike I've ever seen before, for some reason. The elementals clashed with one another, which is unlike anything the people of Kings Hollow have seen in a long time. At least, that's what they tell me.


On a more hopeful note, though, the imbalance between life and death in Kings Hollow reached a breaking point as death energy welled up to destroy the town. The adventurers, along with the help of a follower of life, were able to stem the overflow and hold off the energy.


And finally, a group of high-spirited adventurers attempted to save villagers who had been captured by naga living in a lake by brokering a deal. They believed that if they negotiated, things would turn out for the better for everyone. But it was all for naught, it seems, as once the villagers reached the shoreline of the lake, all of them, at the same time, frantically jumped back into the lake. The adventurers could only save a handful.

I hope next market, there are more happy outcomes to report. Until next time.
— A follower of the Nameless



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