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An update from Caer Rathúnas

April 4, 2019

Several verified reports of activity from Caer Rathúnas are made available throughout Valara for any who are curious.


Hello travelers, adventurers and anyone else who cares to glaze their eyes over this report. We had quite the market at Caer Rathúnas recently, and I'm here to happily tell you, lots of things happened — things no one could ever expect.


First of all, a corrupted versions of races in Valara, never seen before for as long as I know or anyone who I know knows, because I certainly haven't seen them ever before, came from a room, maybe, from the keep that juts into the sky of that town, but they swore to adventurers they weren't in a room, or even in Caer Rathúnas at all. They said they were in a place that looked kind of like Valara, but didn't feel like Valara, where time never moved, and that they were there for what seemed like over a century? The leader of the nice ones (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention most of them were pure evil, spreading terror throughout the town) said to anyone who asked that she was a moon elf, but well, moon elves don't really have horns like her, or gray markings on their faces. The leader of the bad group of them was slain the last night of the market, though, thankfully, and it seems they've scattered about and taken to the swamps.


Second of all, a group of Anima-worshipping florakyn showed up on the first night of the market at the tavern in Caer Rathúnas, and one crazy florakyn lady demanded everyone to leave town so that they could burn all of Caer Rathúnas down to regrow it in an effort to solve the problem of undead, and there was a big ol' fight, and it was quite the ordeal, but then they came to a compromise, and the lady said she'd give people five months to deal with the undead or else everything will be set on fire. Not really sure how that's gonna turn out, but I guess we'll find out in five months, and I hope I'll still be around to talk about it with you guys.


As if that's not enough weird stuff happening in that bizarre town, there are reports of wailing women in white appearing at night to help women, and there are also people who walk around seemingly depressed. But like extra depressed. Like things that normally make them smile don't make them smile anymore.


Several adventurers also reported hearing the ear-piercing screeches at night again — the same that were heard at the last market, as well. I hear it comes from bodies covered in blood, and those people, if they can be called people, always are down to enjoy a lovely home-cooked meal … of people's flesh. Let's pray neither me nor you are on the menu.


— A follower of the Nameless

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