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An update from Caer Rathùnas

August 27, 2019

Greetings from Caer Rathùnas, where we had a very, very eventful market just a little while ago! So much happened, I don’t know where to start, so let’s start at the beginning!


The first night of the market, reavers attacked the adventurers as those brave souls headed deep into the Dark Heart of the swamps, led by Caer native Raining Wolf. They were attempting to draw out the reavers, so I guess that counts as a success. But man were they awful. I mean, bloody, trying to eat people, all-around pretty gross. I heard from some reports they were trying to protect their land?


Late Friday night, there was some commotion in the tavern as two guards almost started throwing punches at each other before Maple, one of the ones working in the tavern, found a peaceful resolution. I wonder why they were fighting.


Saturday, so many things happened. During mid-day, adventurers marched on an old fort that was taken over by undead so they could have more troops to back up the final assault. They led the attack on ships going downriver to assault the fortress. I’m told there were also some flesh golems involved in that. But as they were going downriver, skeleton archers unleashed volleys and volleys of arrows at the ships, only to be countered by florakyn archers, thanks to negotiations made between Madam Cherry Blossom and Serena.

Unfortunately, speaking of the florakyn, that Beardbloom guy, sent out assassins he convinced to betray Madam Cherry Blossom to burn down houses and attack some adventurers.


A sizeable group of people attempted to fish in the river, and it seemed that they caught something a bit too big when one of them jumped into the river to swim and was swallowed whole by a river monster! Luckily, they were able to fight off the river monster and save their friend who was swallowed. 


I’ve also been told that 30-50 feral hogs came charging at the tavern, and I’m not really sure why that was reported to me, but it was, so I’m just passing along the message for you, my dear readers.


Also, at the tavern, the sahuagin queen, whatever that is, talked with some people, and shortly after, she left with her forces. I don’t really have any details as to why she was there, or what was said.


It’s also of note that throughout the course of the market, two of Melody’s friends had been found, and Melody has relocated to the old jail with them. I don’t suppose a jail makes for a comfortable home, though.


Also throughout the market, kind-hearted adventurers collected a ton of resources and materials to help the town. I’m told some of them also crafted items for the town with those resources!


Come nightfall, the adventurers led another attack, but this one was in the Dead Zone, where they breached a big fortress that had the master, as people called him, and two of his followers. During the brutal fight, the adventurers were able to retrieve a spirit vessel for one of the servants and destroy it, causing that servant to die.

Oh, and remember those reavers? Someone told me that because of a conversation between Raining Wolf and the reavers’ leader, the reavers are somehow not evil anymore?


I’ve also found out from a source that the dragonkyn who were taken as slaves from Elders Keep have somehow made it back to Elders Keep. If I had to guess, it would had to have been adventurers who saved them.


And for once at a market, Lady Death, when she walked, she walked alone.


— A follower of the Nameless

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