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An update from Freeport Lagoon

October 8, 2019

Hello there, adventurers! Reports have been finalized from the first-ever market held at Freeport Lagoon!

Friday night started off innocuous enough — adventurers coming to town to seek their fortune and glory, the former of which seemed to be the primary goal. So when a representative of the Blackblood Hounds (the local collection of brawny boys) came into town asking if anyone was interested in money, many tourists agreed to accompany the man into the jungle to explore an ancient tomb. 


We have mixed reports of what happened in that tomb, but what we know for certain is that Kurda, the Blackblood Hound, was interested in a locked door in which he believed there to be a great treasure buried. The next part is a little unclear, but someone may have touched a thing they weren't supposed to touch, and the entire army of stone warriors rose up to fight the intruders.


The adventurers managed to fight all of them off, took some gold objects off three of them, and took to studying the tomb more without the pesky threat of death looming overhead. The gathered group put together a key from the three objects and put it in the door. What was behind the door was not, unfortunately, a mountain of treasure. Instead, there was some sort of giant skeletal bug! It barreled through the group and right out the front door where it just dug a hole and left.


Starting Saturday morning, a group of Porters and tourists worked together to try to figure out how to kill the beastie. They figured out they needed a fancy sword like the one in the drawings, but weren't sure where to go from there. Meanwhile, a man calling himself Mister Charles came into town to ask people to meet with his captain so they could work together to kill the creature. Some people (several of Clan Portunes!) were seen leaving on a dinghy to go meet with him, but I'm not privy to the details of their conversation.

They decided to go exploring the jungles, hoping to find another tomb that could give them the answers they needed. Instead, what they found were raging elemental storms. Lightning and water clashed with the group of explorers, coming at them from all sides! And just as quickly as it had sprung up, the storms subsided again, leaving the group to try to figure out their next move.


While some people were trying to figure out how to proceed with the giant monster, some tourists decided to take in a few bouts at the Arena. Starfall, Darrow, and Tebryn made quite a splash in the bouts, and I've heard rumors that they've caught the eye of some potential sponsors. 


Inspired by their previous idea, a group of dwarvenfolk Porters decided to go try to meet with the island natives who have been uncontacted for who knows how long. The native folk decided to kidnap one of the dwarves, Oren, leaving his mates Viggo and Tharric to rally the adventurers to help mount a rescue. When the gathered folks showed up to the village, however, they found the dwarf hog-tied, but alive, and the villagers even took an elf named Will back to show him their own temple like the one they saw on Friday night.


They all sat down and worked as a group to piece together what they knew and a possible course of action. Things got confusing, though, as a feralkyn boy came out of the resurrection circle and made a beeline for two tourists named Sveinn and Suisho. Apparently he is the leader of a village full of children and a pirate kidnapped all of them! Sveinn and Suisho rallied the Porters and tourists alike to go run to the docks to stop the captain before he could make off with them. 


When they got there, though, it turns out he wanted to use them as bait! (Apparently the scary bug likes eating kids). Well, the creature showed up and tried to fight, but then the captain summoned giant tentacles out of the ocean to smack it away! Its whereabouts are still unknown, but now the adventurers had to deal with a humongous Kraken destroying everything!


With some help from Clan Portunes, half the group boarded the ship while the other half headed into the jungle to make sure there weren't any more children in danger from the skull bug. The ship group fought hard against Captain Marsh's entire crew AND a lot of big, violent Kraken tentacles at the same time! Eventually, something happened and the tentacles started attacking the ship directly, trying to sink everyone on board. But, in the end, the side that WASN'T trying to use children as bait prevailed!

The children were returned to their home in the jungle, the tourists headed home, and the Porters went back to their daily lives, as if nothing happened. Maybe they're just used to this sort of thing?


— A follower of the Nameless

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