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An update from Stone Dragon Ridge

October 29, 2019

Greetings adventurers! I'm here to report to you from Stone Dragon Ridge, which recently hosted a market.


Things started out weird, and when I say weird, I mean weirder than normal. To start with, on Friday night, all sorts of magic didn't work. Healing and all elemental magic were simply not functional. It turns out, a lich had done some weird magic stuff and put a dome around the entire town. To get things working, the adventurers had to break various anchors the lich had made throughout the weekend, and with each broken anchor, magic started slowly working again.


However, the barrier had been preventing the elemental storms happening all over Valara, it seems, from moving into the town. As the anchors were destroyed, the storms came rolling in.


I'm told there's a group local to Stone Dragon Ridge referred to as the Brotherhood, which has seemed to be up to no good for a while. They were found to be the reason a lot of people have gone missing, but I guess they got too big for their britches, as adventurers were able to take down the organization during the market.


The Stormcrows, a barbarian clan, who had grievances with Chancellor Nog at the beginning of the market, seem to no longer have issues with the chancellor. It appears that the Stormcrows and the chancellor reached some sort of agreement, so that's pretty cool.


Adventurers known as Sijoy and Starfall both donated FULL bingo sheets worth of things to the city! How kind of them! Sijoy also won the raffle as a result of the generous donations he contributed to the city!


Milus Silvanus was declared the winner of a pie-eating competition Saturday afternoon after he destroyed a pie at record speed. I mean, I'm hearing reports that no one has ever seen anyone eat as fast as he did. Is he starved normally?


Starfall, Alana and Alphonse were all declared the winners of Stone Dragon Ridge's fighting tournaments mid-day Saturday! Someone buy them all a drink!

Simon Silvanus turned over the win of the story-telling competition to another wanderer, Paige Turner. Did he think her story was better than his?


To many people's sadness, the Stone Dragon Ridge official brewing competition didn't take place this market as advertised, and Chancellor Nog's assistant retorted with a public apology that seemed to take a shot at brew master Finna Beerbrewer. Do you think there's a possible rivalry between the two?


Also on Saturday, we had reports of a lot of sick villagers. They were throwing up and feverish, I've been told. It seemed to be a result of contaminated water during the market. But now, no one seems to be getting sick anymore. I guess that's a good thing!


Saturday night, to round off the extremely eventful market, the adventurers were able to beat down the lich who put the dome around the town and caused magic to be weird. Oh, and they also destroyed the lich's phylactery! However, four fallen knights remain alive, and the last reports I've heard state they're looking for his daughter Lily... I hope she's safe.

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