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An update from Kings Hollow

November 18, 2019

 Greetings adventurers! As most of you are aware, the village of Kings Hollow recently had a market, and the reports of its events have come through!


At the start of the market, one particularly person who goes by the name Ol' Red was missing. With information secured of his whereabouts in a lake, and with the help of Titania, the adventurers were able to rescue Ol' Red, along with others, from the naga queen who lived in the lake and had previously captured townsfolk. Additionally, they were able to put an end to the Queen Dhehastha for good during the rescue mission so she can no longer abduct and control anyone. 


That night, adventurers seemed to have ran into some weird scarecrows that laughed and attacked after they had been touched. The scarecrows just seemed to appear out of nowhere, and once killed, these weird shadow beings would follow adventurers around. What a curious thing!


During the second day of the market, after some scouts had shared information about the death cultists who seem to be organized by a powerful lich, adventurers led an attack on the first of several temples being used by the cult. The lich appears to have two death knights under their control, as well, and it seems the cult has been harvesting the energy from the living and making a large crystal of some sort with it. Through divinations, Baron Elros said during a meeting just before the market, the cultists were also seen praying to a large skeletal lizard that the barony doesn't want resurrected. Either way, adventurers knocked out the forces in one of the temple, and while that attack was successful, there's still much work to be done on that front.


Throughout the afternoon, several people had become infected with those weird mushrooms out in the woods, and so that still seems to be an issue in the town despite adventurers finding a way to keep them from growing outside the town, they just appear to be able to walk in the town physically. Oddly enough, though, the evil ent, Xenia I've learned is her name, was nowhere to be seen or heard this market.


Oh! There was also this strange woman named TennaireAnna whose face was partially blue and she ate mana crystals - the very same ones that infected the mana knights who have been claiming adventurers are a blight on Valara. And despite claiming to be doing good for Valara, the mana knights were attempting to kill 1,600 innocent people for their beliefs, but I'll get to them in a moment. Back to the person some people have dubbed a mana-kyn, the crystals didn't seem to corrupt her but rather seemed to be her natural food. She claimed to be over 600 years old! None of my reports really know what kind of race or being she is, though.

Later during the market's second day, a few adventurers who had explored some catacombs somewhere around the village were able to use those catacombs again to place a large mana crystal made by several crafters in the mana knight camp outside town. However, before adventurers were able to fight off all of the crazed, bezerked knights who had grown toxic with mana, the mana knights were able to work a portal somehow that allowed them onto a floating island above the town. Not too long after, the adventurers followed the mana knights onto the island, with the help of the weapons of an adventurer named Edwin and the count's armies allowing everyone to break down walls and push through. The island itself seemed to have Anturi ruins on it along with the biggest golems some adventurers have ever seen. However, the mana knights hadn't been able to activate those golems, probably for the best of everyone on Valara, and instead, the knights broke the magic crystal that kept the island floating in the sky. That caused the island

to start falling on a collision course to the town of Kings Hollow.


Meanwhile, as adventurers were fighting on the island, the count, his army and the Devil Dogs were able to fight and repel attacks so that the adventurers had an escape after they prevented the island from crashing into Kings Hollow by messing with the broken crystal device that kept the island floating. At least, that's what I can gather based on these reports - I don't understand much about the magic or science or whatever you wanna call it of how that worked. There's also rumors that an ent named Evergreen helped slow down the island as it was falling and/or crashing.


What I do know with certainty, however, is that with everyone working together, not only was the town saved with basically no damage, the adventurers were able to kill the leader of the mana knights, who was seen walking with Lady Death with some other mana knights later that night. Sadly, Lady Death also claimed an adventurer, one of the Barony's own. Lady Vixen's vitae has been restored to the cycle.


But that night did not end entirely on an unfortunate note. It was announced that Mars is now the guildmaster of the Wizard's Guild, and Ol' Red became the guildmaster of the Explorer's Guild. Additionally, Zyphur, another member of the Baronnial House, was dubbed the first ever Knight of Kings Hollow after studying and working as Lord-Knight Aelaen's squire for quite some time.


— A follower of the Nameless

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An update from Kings Hollow

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