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The Steadfast Crag is a belief system that preaches resolve, patience and unwavering strength of character. The world may change, but it is not necessary nor wise to change every time the wind blows. One should seek to control wayward emotions to become stable, dependable and unyielding to outside forces that seek to sweep the unprepared from their pillar of stability. Nothing can sway a disciple of Stone if they choose to stand firm.
Houses of worship for the Steadfast Crag are known as Grottoes and their names are chosen to reflect the unwavering character of Cragmathe. The Adamant Grotto of Fellmunr and the Persevering Grotto of Ironwall are two such examples. Grottoes are specifically built to replicate the deep feel of the Realm of the Paragon of Stone. If a natural cave can be found, that is preferred, but a free-standing structure built with thick, stout walls and devoid of windows is acceptable. The interior is left dark when services are not being held and when they are, the only light that exists is the light brought into the cavern by the congregation and the clergy.
Initiates to the Steadfast Crag are called Pebbles and part of their duty is to carry light sources in and out of the Grotto for services. Priests of the Steadfast Crag are known as Shards. It is their responsibility to teach the ways of the stable, unyielding mind. There are three Shards per Grotto. There is also a central figure head known as the Diamond who guides the individual Grottoes on their way to following in the shadow of Cragmathe. The Diamond serves as the Embodiment of Cragmathe during Convocations. The current Diamond is a Dwarf named Durgim Tinmoor who serves his congregation in the Rooted Grotto in Skeborg.
The symbol for Steadfast Crag is a downward triangle with a line through it. This symbol is worn on metal or stone badges of the devotees that follow this religion.

The Steadfast Crag

Religion of Stone

“Cragmathe is my pillar of stability. Unchanging. Forever.”