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Stone Dragon Ridge


South of Lunea Minora, in the foothills of the Lunar Mountains, between the Anturi River and the Silver River on the continent of Altour.

Town Description

Stone Dragon Ridge was founded over 75 years ago and has been built up around a series of caves in the foothills of the mountains, south of King’s Hollow. The town was named for a rock formation that looks like a dragon that can be seen when gazing over the walls of the city. The city is arranged by districts: business district; residential district; commercial district; agricultural district; government district and temple district. A large stone palisade circles the town on three sides. The fourth side is open to the forests/mountain foothills/caves that the town butts up against. A tall wooden gate allows entrance to visitors and is manned by the Guard at all hours. Stone Dragon Ridge has become known for commerce and trade in the Kingdom and the numerous Guilds help by providing either finished goods or raw materials that are shipped throughout the Kingdom. The city walls are newly refinished due to the charitable acts of the city’s new chancellor and the hard work of its council and the crafters that they employ.


The current population of between 2500 and 3000, depending on the season, and is a mix of Human, Dwarvenfolk and Goblinfolk primarily, but a few of the other races reside in the area. The recent influx of refugees from the surrounding areas and towns that have been destroyed has caused the population to grow. The orphanages of the city have had to recently grow due to an influx of parentless children and now hold roughly 150 children spanning 3 establishments.


Residents typically live in wood or stone buildings and there are also citizens that live right outside of the city proper in caves. Some townsfolk keep subsistence gardens; bee hives, chickens and a few pigs. Livestock are kept near the residential district in a shared area that the Chancellor has appointed guard to keep watch of. Other citizens living outside of the palisade keep larger livestock (sheep, alpaca, woolly cattle) which is raised and sold to people living in the city and is often sold to nearby towns in the Kingdom. Raw materials such as wool, timber, gems, and stone are sold wholesale or as finished products. Many artisans and crafters also make Stone Dragon Ridge their home. Many candy makers and bakers work day in and out in Stone Dragon Ridge.


Practiced General Worship Hall that holds shrines to all the Paragons and is always open. Services for Font of Vitae (Thursday) and Anima (Monday) held weekly. A small grotto with the symbol of The White Tree stands outside the Worship Hall. There is always an attendant on duty.

Known Problems

Bandits/highwaymen; Animals with blue eyes; rogue wolf packs; Odd creatures occasionally appearing from the holes in the ground ; plants; missing children; people attacked at night mysteriously


Liam Nogg is the current Chancellor. He is advised by a Council that is composed of the Head of each Guild that ran the city in the absence of a Chancellor. The Chancellor very clearly makes the major decisions of the town but the Council takes care of the most of the day to day choices with the guiding hand of Liam.


Guard are volunteers of the town and are led by Captain Andross. Guards can be identified by the dragon insignia on their gray tabards. Guards serve in two areas: the Outpost and the Town. Guards stationed at the Outpost are often the first defense against invaders/large bandit groups. Guards stationed in Town are responsible for upholding town laws, patrolling streets; guarding Town Hall or serving as guards to visiting dignitaries; and defending the town against attacks.


The Town collects 2% tax on all goods/services annually from each household. Annual property taxes of 25 caps are also collected each year. Travelling merchants must purchase a Merchant License (good for 1 year) for 2 marks from the Chancellor’s Office and are taxed 5% of sales, collected at the end of the market. Merchants may purchase a one-time market license for 15 caps, expires at end of market

Civil Court

Disputes are settled by the Magistrates. Disputes are defined as any disagreement that cannot be resolved without assistance of a neutral third-party. Magistrate Court is held twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday from 10am-4pm. Any citizen of the town can bring a case before the Magistrate Court. Any foreigner or traveler must be represented by a citizen barrister from the towers of Knowledge during Court proceedings.

Criminal Court

Those accused of breaking local law are brought before the Magistrates during Criminal Court (Tuesday- Friday between 8-10am). Trials, if necessary, occur on Sundays. Any foreigner or traveler must be represented by a citizen barrister from the Knowledge Guild during Court proceedings. Magistrates have final say in the event of a trial. Current Magistrates: Magistrate Humphrey and Magistrate Gnorr.

Local Laws

• Theft – Punishable by fines up to 10 times the worth of the stolen goods.

• Assault – Punishable by fine of 50 caps and 1 day in the stocks for first offense. Second and subsequent offenses are fine 50 caps and public scourging of 10 lashes.

• Murder – Punishable by fine of 500 caps and public scourging of not less than 15 lashes and not more than 30 lashes. For second and subsequent offenses the punishment is 1000 cap fine and death by hanging until confirmed dead. All items on the convicted person will be confiscated and added to the chancellor’s Improvement fund.

• Tampering with evidence or Lying under oath punishable by fine of 25 caps per incident

• Interfering with or Obstructing a Town Guard during an investigation punishable by fine of 25 caps for first offense and for each subsequent offense 50 caps and time spent in the stocks until investigation is complete

• Selling without a License punishable by fine of 10 caps for each incident

• Counterfeiting\Forgery punishable by fine of 20 cap fine for first offense and 50 cap fine for second and subsequent offenses

• Kidnapping is punishable by a public scourging of not less than 10 lashes and not more than 20 lashes and a fine of 100 caps. If the victim is a town official, the punishment is raised to 200 caps, public scourging of 20 lashes and declaration of Outlaw

• Vandalism punishable by fine of 10 caps per incident, unless its the Stone Dragon stone in which case it’s punishable by 75 caps and 2 days in the stocks

• Impersonating a Guild member is punishable by fine of 200 caps for first and subsequent offenses and immediate declaration of permanent Outlaw status and permanent restriction from obtaining a Merchant License.

• Impersonating a Guild Leader or Counselor is punishable by fine of 500 caps for first and subsequent offenses and immediate declaration of permanent Outlaw status

• Animating Vitae is legal and allowed within Town limits, however using Vitae Animation to commit a crime or circumvent an existing Town law is illegal and will be punishable by a fine 5 times the amount of original crime’s fine for first offense and a fine 10 times the amount of original crime’s fine for second or subsequent offenses. Any crime committed by an animated creature, under its creator’s control, will result in punishment to the creator.

• Casting of Rings of Energy or Resurrection Areas. Energy Rings may be cast within the Town boundaries with prior written permission of the Chancellor. At least one member of the Town Guard and one Councilor must be invested in the Ring at the time of casting. The Town maintains a Resurrection Area within the Temple District. Casting Resurrection Areas within the Town boundaries without written permission from the Chancellor is prohibited and punishable with a fine of 5 marks.

Available Shops and Resources

● Blacksmith shops (2)
● Cobbler (shoes) (1)
● Brewery/Winery (3)
● Butcher (1)
● Chandler/soapmaker (candles/soap) (1)
● Tannery (1)
● Saddle-maker (1)
● Bakery/bread shop (2)
● Cooper/Wainwright - barrels and wheels for wagons and carts (2)
● Furniture maker (2)
● Quarry (1)
● Tavern (4)
● Candy Shops (3)
● Entertainment Establishments (1)

The Sapphire Lily
The Honorary Horseman
The Flying Squirrel
The Cracked Tooth

Notable Guilds and Leaders

There are several Guilds within the City each of which own and operate smaller groups that also refer to themselves as guilds. These guilds also prove to support the operations in the town. One Example of this is the Town Guard which is part of the Fighter’s guild along with the Brawler’s guild.

The Main guilds of the city include:

-The Adventurer’s guild

- Aldin Wyvernmore

-The Crafter’s Guild- Mira Papyran

-The Farmer’s and Feeder’s guild - Finna Beerbrewer

-The Sage’s guild - Gerald Whispfinger

-The Fighter’s Guild - Theral Mada

-The Entertainer’s Guild - Drewcie Anoiant

-The Courier’s Guild- Forsyth

Notable Events

  • Weekly Farmers Market - every Wednesday in the town square from April to October

  • Harvest Fest - mid-late September; lasts for 3 days 

  • Winterfest - second week of December

  • Nights of the Dancing Shadows- October

Notable Areas

Business District: contains all local shops and businesses; includes the weekly farmers market and taverns/inns

Agriculture District: grazing and farming land but does not include subsistence gardens maintained by residents

Residential District: contains the majority of homes for residents of the town. In this district there is a pathway leading through a hatch in the ground that opens into a cave system that is used by many of the, Dwarvenfolk and Goblinkyn of the city as their homes. Many of the homes have been rebuilt following the damage previously caused by attacks on the city and many of the cave dwellers have taken advantage of the Chancellor’s repair projects to find above ground homes due to the damage to the underground tunnelways.

Commercial District: includes the businesses that process/manufacture goods for retail sale such as the tannery, saw mill and grain mill, slaughterhouse, glass manufactory; also includes some low-end pubs, candy shops and toward the far end of the district, the streets give way to more colorful and less notable businesses.

Government District: includes the Magistrates and Criminal Courts as well as businesses associated with the law such as barristers practices and tax collection offices; Guilds maintain offices here as well • Temple District: includes the Worship Hall and grotto and large gardens that are open to the public; also contains the town cemetery and the House of Healing. A large stone circle in the ground has been converted into a small herb garden tended by the house of healing and open to all citizens of the city. The house of healing holds one of the city’s several resurrection areas and it is open to all who need help at any time of night.

Stone DragoN Ridge

Head of Plot:
Heather Boggs & Adam Johnson