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The Veil is rumored to be created from a special magic that the Anturi once tried to harness to power the Gates. So uncertain is this magic that the Anturi failed in their attempts and almost single-handedly destroyed their own race. It has been noted that traveling to either of the Realms of the Veil results in the removal of magical enchantments and the only magic that continues to flow is that of pure skill. Conversely, magical items from one of these worlds do not retain their magic when crossing over to Valara. The Veil creates three kinds of energy: light, darkness, and dream. These energies flow from the Veil and are much weaker than other magical sources such as Prime and Essence. While creatures and beings from both Veil Realms use these energies, Nurholme denizens are more attuned to darkness while Ereholme denizens are more attuned to light. While the Veil Realms of Ereholme and Nurholme are easy for Valarans to access, they are just as dangerous as the Elemental Realms.

The Veil


Ereholme is the first Realm that forms part of the Veil surrounding Valara. As if seen from the reflection of a mirror, Ereholme mimics Valara, although similarities are only surface deep. The sky is always in a state of dawn to dusk. Some even say that Ereholme is the reason for day in Valara. Foliage appears to mimic Valaran plant life, although colors are reversed. Mountains, lakes, rivers and forests are found to be in reverse of their location on Valara and the continents appear upside down.
Natives of Ereholme are collectively called Fae by Valarans, however the Fae themselves go by many different names and designations. The Fae of Ereholme have a variety of appearances. Some Fae look similar to Valaran Elves and with pointed ears while others may appear similar to Feralkyn with their horns, tails, cloven feet or wings. Two of the most prominent groups are the Seelie and Unseelie Coteries (co-TER-rees) who reign in Ereholme. These two groups are in a constant battle for land, power and control over the Wells of Vigor. Unlike Valaran conflicts, the Fae Coteries conduct fights more like a chess game than an outright clash of arms. The Fae consider themselves the Kings and Queens, Faekyn are considered Bishops, Knights, and Rooks, and all other Valarans are the Pawns.

Nurholme is the second Realm that creates the Veil surrounding Valara. Unlike Ereholme, there is little in the way of foliage and trees and few, if any, similarities to Valara. The only area with foliage is a dark forest that rests between canyons and a large swamp. This forest is home to many Unseen Fiends. In Nurholme the sky is always in a state of dusk to dawn. Some say that Nurholme is the reason for night. The commonly used terms to describe the creatures that come from Nurholme are Fiends. The Fiends of Nurholme are either highly intelligent or run on base instincts. There are two factions: the Pahndir and the Unseen. Nurholme has no known ruler and is in a constant state of chaos and power struggles. These struggles are primarily between the Pahndir and the Unseen. The Pahndir vary in size but maintain physical looks similar to Valarans. Some have horns protruding from their head, spikes running along their body, tails, or leathery wings. Pahndir eyes are usually blood red or black in color, and blackened fingers, scars, and other gruesome marks are common.