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The Realm of Water is a vast ocean with no visible land masses. The depth of the ocean varies although most areas seem to be bottomless. Beneath the surface, however, is a landscape that mimics the rolling hills and valleys of Valara. Denizens of the Realm reside in structures grown out of huge reefs of living coral warmed by the passing currents, or in the cool, dim stretches of the sandy, rocky bottom. Watery forests of seaweed and meadows of ocean dwelling ferns wave their fronds in the passing currents while infinite varieties of colorful algae float lazily on the surface. The most vile and dangerous denizens dwell in deep pits and dark, icy trenches miles below the surface. Native beings have developed the ability to “see” in little to no light by sensing the natural auras of other denizens. There are underwater caverns and naturally occurring pockets of breathable air, but anyone not native to the Realm of water will drown or freeze in the ocean’s icy depths.


In one of the valleys of the reef grows a palatial sized structure that Valarans call the Coral Castle. This living castle is riddled with smaller structures that house endless varieties of aquatic creatures as well as native beings that live to serve the Paragon. Naturally growing plants sprout from the mounds of rocky coral. It is from Coral Castle that the Paragon of Water rules. The Paragon Undinae (OOHN-di-nay) is difficult to identify in her natural form. As a manifestation of the Realm she is as changing and fluid as the water in which she reigns. She can take any form she desires, from the smallest fish to the largest leviathan. It is said that when she comes to the surface she transforms herself into the most beautiful mermaid with flesh the deep blue of the ocean and waving, floating seaweed as her hair. Due to the nature of her being, she never rises completely from the water.


Undinae, unlike Ra’tol of the Fire Realm and Cragmathe of the Realm of Stone, maintains a Court in the Coral Castle. She has Advisors, who appear as aquatic-humanoid hybrids to counsel her in matters of the Realm; Lieutenants, who take the forms of large water-dwelling beings not unlike the huge sea turtles of Valara lead her armies; and Knights, in the various forms of fish-like creatures, are her soldiers. Beyond this court, there are Aristocrats who oversee to the needs of Undinae’s people residing far outside the expanse of Coral Castle.

The Realm of Water