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The Overflowing Spring is a religion of inner peace and hidden strength. Life is constantly changing and one cannot step in the same ocean twice. Success and failure, gain and loss, comfort and discomfort all come and go and there is little that can be done to control it. One can, however, decide to cease the struggle against the tides of life. Like Water, one must strive for inner peace while maintaining an underlying strength. One must be patient, but persistent, and while it is wise to seek out the path of least resistance, one should not hesitate to carve out a new path if necessary.
Temples for the Overflowing Spring are called Reefs and their names are chosen from the beautiful and flowing nature of Undinae. Two of the more prosperous Reefs are known as the Living Reef and the Shimmering Reef. Every Reef is built either along a stream or, barring a source of running water nearby, over a well. Blocks of stone are set into the floor of the temple to create a pool that collects water from the stream or well to be used for mediation and reflection. These pools are required to be kept clean and clear at all times. The pools are also used for initiation rituals performed by the clergy. They serve as a reminder of the peace and calmness that Water provides.
Initiates are known as Streams. It is the duty of the Streams to keep the pools clean as well as help new congregation members learn the process of pool meditation. The priests are called Waves and there are four Waves per Reef who teach the ways of Undinae. The religion of Water has a central figure head, known as the Tide, who provides supreme guidance and direction as the Embodiment of Water on Valara. The current Tide is a Moon Elf by the name of Yadira who resides within the Living Reef, south of Pozeph.
The Embodiment for the Overflowing Spring is chosen from among the Waves through a special pool ceremony. Any Wave may submit him or herself for consideration. To those who submit themselves for choosing the water will feel cool and refreshing. The Wave destined to become the Embodiment will feel the water of the pool turn warm and accepting. The Embodiment for the Overflowing Spring serves for life.
The symbol for Overflowing Spring is a downward triangle. This symbol is worn on necklaces by all devotees of the religion.

The Overflowing Spring

Religion of Water and Ice

“Undinae is the calm that belies the under-current of my strength.”