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There are seven major religions on Valara. Six religions are based upon worship of the deities from the elemental Realms that surround Valara: Undinae, Ra’tol, Elyssinu, Cragmathe, Ge’lina and Ga’lar, and Seneroth. The seventh major religion is devoted to Anima.The highest leaders of each of these religions are called the Embodiments and they sit in convocation to keep Valara in balance. The Convocation of Embodiments is always led by the White Tree Embodiment, the designated leader of the Anima faith, who speaks for Valara itself. The White Tree is almost always represented by a Florakyn. Many believe that Anima ties the elemental Paragons together and thus the White Tree Embodiment is accepted as the primary leader of the Embodiments. The White Tree also stands as the representative of any minor religions practiced on Valara.

The Convocation of Embodiments meets for one month every five years at an ever changing secret location. The primary purpose of the Convocation is to discuss items that threaten the balance in Valara. If one of the Embodiments is not in attendance, the meeting is postponed for 30 days and the Embodiment’s religion must donate goods or services as a penalty. During the 30 day hiatus a messenger is sent to the Embodiment’s primary location to identify the reason for the Embodiment’s absence. If, after 30 days, the Embodiment or a designated representative still has not arrived then the religion is expelled from the Convocation for threatening the balance of Valara. A new Embodiment must be chosen following the rules of the specific religion and must be affirmed by the White Tree before the offending religion is allowed to attend future Convocations.
Aside from discussing threats to the balance of Valara, the Embodiments also discuss their own goals for the coming years. The White Tree has the final decision-making power as his or her decision counts as five votes. The only way that the White Tree’s decision can be overturned is if all six of the Embodiments vote together against the White Tree.

The White Tree Embodiment is chosen by Valara though Wild Magic. The chosen Embodiment is marked by the appearance of a multi-pointed star that appears on his or her chest upon reaching his or her 20th name day. The newly chosen Embodiment seeks out the current White Tree, or travels to the Ancient Grove to begin preparing for the next Convocation meeting. The Ancient Grove, known only to the current or soon-to-be White Tree Embodiment is a sacred place. From inside the Grove, the White Tree is able to commune with Valara through meditation and prayer. This communion allows the White Tree to gain insight into the goods and ills of the land. It is believed that Anima appears to the White Tree during times of unrest or great illness in the land, often taking the form of nature spirit or animal.
The year before a Convocation occurs, the White Tree emerges from the Grove and walks the land. This is the time when the minor faiths can meet to air grievances or ideas and be assured they will be presented at the Convocation.
The symbol for the White Tree is the multi-pointed star.

The Religions of Valara

The Convocation of Embodiments

The White Tree